Thread Like Things Coming Out Of My Pores

by Suffering in the North Pole
(N. Pole, Alaska)

I'm not crazy after all!

Last year while applying liquid face make up, I noticed hundreds of tiny thread like things coming out of my pores and when I used hand sanitizer they crawled out of my hands.

I also have tiny knots in my hair that I think they wrap themselves in a strand of hair.

I have tried to tell my daughter and a close friend about it. Both of them accused me of being on drugs and that it was all in my head.

Finally I googled black threads and was amazed to find out that they are real parasite and lots of people have it.

I use baby oil and coarse salt or oatmeal. It smothers them and they come out to the surface of the skin to be scrubbed off. I also do regular full body applications of hand sanitizer which brings them to the surface of your skin.

Dear Suffering in the North Pole,

I'm glad that it has given you some comfort to find that you are not the only person dealing with these "thread like things coming out of your pores" and that you're not crazy. :)

It's good that you found some simple remedies that are giving you some relief, but I would very much suggest that you follow some basic parasite cleansing protocols to try to eliminate the problem permanently.

Our favorite natural cleanse is Herbal Fiberblend, and when you use it in conjunction with some of the other cleansing and building supplements, you'll have the best chance of getting rid of these bothersome pests.

The protocol is basically the same as the Morgellons treatment, so consider following that as best you can and report back on your progress. We're always happy to chat with our visitors and encourage one another along the way.


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Apr 20, 2021
It is worms
by: Crystal

They look like worms cuz they are worms. Horsehair worms to be precise. Once in you they escape the digestive system as they live in the body cavity itself and absorb what they need from us through their body/cuticle. Had hard time figuring out how we were getting them as they normally parasitize anthropods but then came across a professor at New Mexico college that has discovered a terrestrial version that does not need to return to the water to mate or lay eggs. He also said the eggs are completely different as there are 2 shells instead of one. They will lay eggs in you in your hair that’s what I’m dealing with now. Will add info as I get it. All you need is a camera or a phone and it allows you to see them. I’m in quite some pain as they have deposited the egg strings in my mouth throat and tongue.after painful removal of the egg string patches that made everything raw and now hard to eat.

Apr 14, 2019
I just came across you message, while desperately seeking answers NEW
by: At my wits end with this

I have these thread like things coming out of my pores. A few months ago my face blew up with a Red rash on a Friday. I have many health issues. I had not put foundation on in several weeks. Monday I went to my dr.'s office as they opened to show rash and tell him things were coming out of pores. He said he thought it was d folliculitis because I have rosacea. He wanted to refer me to dermatologist. I went to her a very young dr and she said she thought it was a virus because I had what looked like a cold sore. A few days later everything was worse and I could see more of these things. She acted like I was delusional. She finally gave me 2 treatments of Ivermectin and told me she had to refer me to another dermatologist because she was not experienced with my issue. So basically do not come back. It is 6 days beyond and 2nd dose of Ivermectin and they are back with a vengeance. I truly believe they are in my nose, lips and eyes. So I put some zinc cream around my nose tonight. It showed up with little thin worm things coming from my nose. The only reason I saw them was I have a magnifying lighted makeup mirror. I am just scared after reading on Morgellons.

Sep 26, 2014 NEW
by: tracieb

I may be a little crazy or alot but I am not stupid!! It is morgellons. Evil greed!×=£&!#(*@)?:;;'&!&#\×£÷_=€×¥×&'\'!!!!!

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