Tick Bite Red Bump

by Mandy
(South Carolina)

My small female Shitzu had a very small dog tick (I think it was brown) and when we took the tick of, there was a very large, firm, red bump where it was feeding. The bump is much, much bigger than the tick.

What is this bump? How can it be treated? Thanks.

Hi Mandy,

I'm not sure what the tick bite red bump is. I would guess it is your Shitzu's response to the toxins from the tick.

If the red bump from the tick bite doesn't clear up on it's own (or gets worse) you probably should consider seeing a vet.

If it were my dog, I would try putting some raw organic apple cider vinegar on the tick bite area a few times per day. That might help the inflammation to subside and clear up.

Strangely enough, you could wet a tea bag (regular black tea) and place it over the bump to try to draw out anything that may be festering under the skin. It'll probably be challenging to hold the tea bag in place for 30 minutes, but it's worth a try. :)

Hope that helps.

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Aug 15, 2011
monique.baylor@yahoo.com......PLZZZZ Help
by: jonta

i found a shitzu wlkin and she was panting and she's still panty 2.she had a tick on her that i thought was a mole i removed it so what do i do nxt she has a rash im guessing its a yellow circle with a red ring around it what should i do plz help?

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