Tick on my dog

by Linda

I have a question about a possible tick on my dog.

I think my dog has a tick on his head. It looks like it is under a scab, though, and does not look like a regular tick. Can a tick live under an encrusted scab? It is getting bigger every day which makes me think there is a tick on my dog under the scab.

Hi Linda,

In my personal experience, ticks don't usually burrow completely under the skin. However, I've read reports from others that they have picked dead ticks from beneath the skin (from a lump) on their dog.

Dogs do get other types of little growths under their skin, from moles to tumors. The fact that this lump is growing is not really a good sign.

You may want to try putting some drawing salve (or a wet tea bag) on the area to try to draw out whatever is under the scab if you are unable to use tweezers for the job.

If you have no success with a solution soon, consider taking your dog to the vet. They should be able to sort out the mystery for you.

Kind regards,

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