Ticks in Donegal

by Gleann

I found little ticks burrowing into my children's skin when we came back from our holiday home in Donegal.

These ticks are black and white speckled about the size of a pin head. I was wanting to know if they would do any harm? They seem to get them when they go into some nearby woods?

Hi Gleann,

I'm not up on the variety of ticks in Donegal, but it's not uncommon for children to pick up ticks while playing in the woods or in high grass. My nieces and nephews (in Ohio) have to be checked regularly! :)

As long as you thoroughly check the children and be sure to remove all of the ticks, they should be fine. You can use tea tree oil to help with the tick removal if necessary.

If you happen to have any probiotics on hand, it wouldn't be a bad idea to give them some for a few days just to help strengthen their immune system as a preventive measure.

Just keep an eye on the kids for a couple of days to see if they have any signs of ill health. Certain types of ticks can carry disease, so if they start to show signs of infection, etc., you may want to speak to your doctor and let them know about them picking up the ticks in Donegal.

To your good health!

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