by Tom

Can ticks live in a bed? If so how long can ticks survive?

Hi Tom,

Ticks can live for several months without a "host" to feed on. I suppose that means they CAN live in or on a bed for that period of time. :-)

If you are sleeping on a bed that has ticks in it, I think they would definitely attach themselves to you for a feed.

I don't think it would be considered "normal" to have ticks in your bed, though certainly not impossible. Bed bugs are a much more likely culprit to be found there.

What makes you think you may have ticks in your bed? Did you find one on your body? Are you sure you just didn't bring it to bed with you without realizing it?

You can have a tick attached to your body for quite some time without realizing it. So you may have picked up a tick while outside in the woods or high grasses, or even picked one up from a close encounter with a pet.

In fact, if you let your dogs sleep in your bed, that's a good way to get ticks in your bed. :)

Hope that helps!

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Sep 17, 2010
by: Anonymous

i needed that

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