Tightness In Both Sides Of The Stomach

by Tonya
(Arkadelphia, AR, United States)

Tightness in both sides of the Stomach?

I can't use the bathroom regularly like I should. I always have to use a laxative of some kind, and nine times out of ten they still don't work like they should.

Both sides of my stomach are soooooo tight; very uncomfortable. At times my back may hurt and my left hip, sometimes my right hip, too, but mostly my left.

Sometimes I have to strain so hard til my head starts to hurt. I once was given some pills called Amitiza. At first it seemed like it was going to work along with that liquid drink (forgot the name but you can get it in different flavors and it taste better cold), but nothing really worked.

I'm tired of feeling bloated and uncomfortable everyday!

Hey, is it possible my colon needs to be cleaned out? Is it where it might back up on me?

Hi Tonya,

Yes, it is definitely possible that your colon needs to be cleaned out. In fact, I'd say it is much more than a possibility.

With the constant problem you have with constipation, and all the pain you experience as a result, you need to get your colon back into a good working order.

It isn't healthy or necessary for your body to rely on laxatives and/or medications for you to have comfortable and proper bowel motions.

The occasional bout of constipation could be remedied with something as simple as drinking more water or adding more good Omega oils to your diet, but you seem to need more than that based on what you've said.

If I were you, I would order 3 pots of Herbal Fiberblend and commit myself to a thorough 3 month intestinal/colon cleanse.

You will start feeling better in the very first week, but your system needs a really good clean out to remove impacted fecal matter and get your intestines back into proper working order.

The added fiber and the cleansing herbs work together really well to do just that. I know from my own personal experience of using this product as well as the experience of many other people with much worse bowel troubles, that this natural method really does work.

Order here for the lowest prices in the US on Herbal Fiberblend

There is no reason for you to have to feel so miserable. I hope that you will be able to do this and get yourself sorted out soon. Let me know if you have further questions.

To your good health!

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