Time candida die off begins

by Sally O Donnell

How soon after you start the candida diet does die off begin??

Hi Sally,

The time candida die-off begins will vary from person to person. Each person has a different degree of candida overgrowth and their immune system is at a different level of strength.

The stronger your immune system is the quicker your body can fight off the candidiasis. That's why it's important to fight it as efficiently as you can.

Apart from changing your diet, include probiotic supplements as a daily routine. These are the good bacteria that your body needs to keep in balance and keep the yeast under control. Florafood is a good combination of probiotics for this purpose.

I don't believe you can get that particular brand in Ireland, but find a good quality probiotic that contains at least acidophilus. If it has some of the others like bifidum and longum, all the better. It will help you get control of your yeast overgrowth much more quickly.

Also, consider getting some Herbal Fiberblend for cleansing your digestive tract. This will help to get rid of the dead and dying fungus much more quickly and reduce the amount of time you will suffer from candida die-off.

In summary, some people can start experiencing candida die-off in a matter of days, while others may take a few weeks - depending on the severity of their overgrowth and how aggressive they are with their diet and supplement use.

Those with mild candida may not really even experience much in the way of die-off symptoms.

To your good health!

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