Tiny Black Hair Looking Things In My Hand

by Beth

Could it be you came in contact with a hairy caterpillar or stinging nettle plant?

Could it be you came in contact with a hairy caterpillar or stinging nettle plant?

I was walking home from work and brushed my top with my hand and it felt like I had a splinter, then I did it a few more times and it felt like I had loads of splinters all over my hands!

When I got home and undressed I noticed a black lump of something on the floor that looked a bit like black ash but wasn't chalky.

I brushed whatever it was with my hand and it fell apart into tiny little black lumps. I didn't think anything of it but then my hand had so many tiny tiny black hair/splinter like things all over them and they hurt a lot.

I can't put pressure on the parts of my hands where they are!! They almost just look like loads of black dots but I can definitely see that they are slightly longer than dots and look like small black splinters!

I have most on the top of my thumb, and can count roughly 30 tiny black hairs!!

What is this? Please help!
~ Beth

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Feb 26, 2021
How to get them out NEW
by: John patton

I have been battling this for over a year. The best way to get them out is with wood glue or wart medicine sycillic acid. Pour a dot the size of a penny on the foot and rub it till rolls of black start coming out of u. If you have it is bad as I do, it is just one tactic, but for a small amount it will wipe them
Out for sure. Try Zanefel as well

Jul 23, 2019
by: Denise from Orlando

Sorry to burst in again, but after reading more of Kin's texts, I had to add. Yes, these things are ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to get out of your skin. When I have been partially successful. Afterwards as she said, I am a bloody mess. That tiny black pinhead remains,and it's as though,they have suckers or something to actually anchor themselves wherever they are. And, the bite is VERY painful, especially under the nail beds. When I use a magnifying glass, I can see tons of little black dots waiting to burrow underneath. I've tried anti-bacterial soaps, sprays- everything,but they do not come out! As I said, I have a LARGE "black hair" underneath one of my toenails. And I wondered why my nails were getting so ragged. I now have my answer. They make the skin on my fingers and toes peel, open and the nails to chip off. These things are the NASTIEST thing I have ever encountered in my life. Also, when I put the products I listed on them and can see them, there are SO MANY BLACK (OR AT TIMES, TRANSPARENT) dots on whatever surface I pre-treated with things like Lysol spray, there are hundreds, if not thousands on that one spot. So I'm guessing I have millions or billions (4 bedrooms, family room, living room and 2 baths- it seems like it would be almost impossible to rid my home) throughout my home. They even burrow from the top tissue to the bottom tissue of a Kleenex box, withing minutes. I drink from a glass or bottle or use a utensil and within SECONDS, there they are, in HUGE numbers! There are THAT many! I am almost 70 years old and handicapped. Does anyone know of a company that can rid an entire house of these things from HELL? Both Terminex and Massey(here in the states) don't do this sort of thing, but SOMEONE HAS TO!.

Jul 23, 2019
by: Denise From Orlando

Hello, my initial text is on the listing of problems that everyone else has, These "things " not only have invaded me, in my mouth, genitals(sorry), hair, almost into the eyeballs themselves and are on EVERY surface in my home. Walls, furniture, clothing, linens, countertops- EVERYTHING. What can I do to rid me and my home if these "NASTY" things? On surfaces they leave a little "black hair" looking thing that cannot be wiped off, it is so hard as they "burrowed" in. If I take Lysol Sray,Isopropyl alcohol,"Wet Ones" or hand sanitizer, they can be seen with the naked eye, even though they are much smaller than the head of a pin. They start out as VERY, VERY tiny black dots.It seems they turn out to be "little hairs", only after getting into a host. They LOVE to get in under my fingernails but can be felt entering anywhere. And it HURTS like heck!I have a 4 bedroom house, and NO ROOM IS UNAFFECTED. They are all over EVERYTHING. I have not picked up or looked at one thing that they've not embedded into. I became a widow this year, and have NEVER dealt with anything like this before.
I can feel them move around inside me and also when they land on me to enter the skin. Since this has been going on for months-I just had no idea what it was- they have gotten a good "foothold" into everything. And, I started having panic attacks whenever they move or shift inside me, it's that bad! I NEED THESE THINGS GONE!Who do I call to help me with this? Both Terminex and Massey have belittled me, telling me it is only" grief over my husbands death" that is causing this, because neither could find "bugs". However, my Dermatologist SEES THEM under my skin. But no one, until this, made me even aware it was parasites. I now know, because my husband's care was 24/7, that diet was a BIG no-no. I survived on milk and freeze dried strawberries and bananas.One of their favorite "entrances" is under fingernails. Also, my big toe, has a large one way underneath the nail where it cannot be cut yet. I am desperate! Because of these "things " I haven't even had time to grieve for my husband! CAN ANYONE HELP ME? I assume, that being they have infiltrated EVERYTHING in my home, that some sort of fumigation will be necessary, otherwise if I get treated,but not the house, it will start all over again. Neither Terminex or Massey can help me with this.This has been going on for awhile. I was just occupied with caring for my dying spouse in our home. Any help will be appreciated. Denise

May 02, 2018
Feeling More Helpless Than Helpful NEW
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Thanks Kim,
I sure wish I could do more than provide a venue to discuss your condition and encourage one another. Obviously, I try to suggest natural and beneficial supplements that may help support the body, but I wish I could personally make every visitor well. I do hope you have continued to improve. Thanks again for your kind words.

Mar 05, 2018
Greatful NEW
by: Kim c.

I want to say THANK YOU to Angie for this web page! Her dedication and assistance has given me and thousands of others dealing with this terrible problem a place to voice how we are feeling. Also teaching me about cleanses and other necessary issues I had NO IDEA ABOUT,

Mar 05, 2018
by: Kim c.

I put all I own in storage in July, 2017. I realized after my visits to 19 Emergency room visits, it was up to me! I am committed to letting EACH AND EVERY PHYSICIAN I saw listen to the irreparable HARM their "KNOW IT ALL" mentality has and will FOREVER CAUSE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IT IS EXTERNAL TAPEWORM!!!!!! I have tried for the last 240..TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY DAYS to stop this from killing me, LITERALLY! I have tried EVERYTHING, twice! Most recently, lotion covered with black pepper and cayenne pepper! A ton came out however as you would expect, it didn't feel great! So about two hours ago I grabbed some THICK PRESSED MINERAL FACE POWDER and rubbed it on a spot that was really painful. Imagine my shock when I realized it cured the pain I was continually feeling. So I decided to put it on all the "DARK SPOTS" and my entire body....yes I said ENTIRE BODY! All of a sudden I am passing several tape worms..I KNOW how I contracted tapeworm just never could identify what it was! Suddenly, the spots are amazingly gone and I am going to restroom like crazy..can see them coming out in toilet.(SORRY, SO GROSS TO TALK ABOUT) I am on way to buy a large bag of FLOUR as I am certain covering myself HEAD TO TOE may just do the trick...will keep y'all posted! Love and peace

Mar 03, 2018
I feel your pain Kim C NEW
by: Mandee

Kim C I am also prescribed and take my Adderall as ordered but yes ma'am immediately the medical facility will review my med list and then give me 'the look" that I feel like is 'well folks we have ourselves a druggie.' I have been prescribed the med since a child and did stop it for about 6 mths and the 'monsters' were still there! These monsters are even on my poor cats :( Adderall has nothing to do with this! I am sure Angie meant well with her comment but if the med caused this then I would assume everyone must be prescribed Adderall who is experiencing this huh?! I assume my cats are taking my meds when I'm not looking! Yeah not the case!! For the record I have actually saw a hair on my arm move and actually bend in half and twist from side to side..it actually scared the shit out of me!! I was able to capture it on my phone! That was when my family and friends started to believe me! Doctors offices won't even view my video!! My friends encourage me to keep trying to show the medical field but I feel tired and exhausted and ready to give up!! I have also saw very small black specks in one of the hairs so it makes me think the hair is a certain stage of these monsters!!! Every day is such a struggle to even want to live!! Prayers for us all!

Feb 17, 2018
Where to buy albendazole in Canada or other country NEW
by: Kim c.

I must find albendazole...got script then realized it was 300 a pill....UNBELIEVABLE HONESTLY! Praying SOMEONE can help with pharmacy outside US. Hopefully one they have used....thanks...
Kim C

Feb 08, 2018
Angie...thats the WHOLE PROBLEM NEW
by: Kim c.

I have been on the same dose of adderall for 25 years! The medical community hears that I am taking adderall and ASSUME I must be abusing it.....NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!!! In fact, I WISH THAT WERE THE CASE...as I COULD figure that out then do something about it! I have a large collection of these things however when signing in at hospitals they immediately pass judgement on me! I have NEVER FELT MORE ANGRY, FRIGHTENED, FRUSTRATED OR MISUNDERSTOOD IN MY LIFE TO DATE!!
I appreciate your thoughts however Ik can assure you adderall has NO BEARING on these monsters!
Have a blessed night...

Feb 05, 2018
Sorry you have entered the "club " NEW
by: Kim c.

I have been to dermatologist, walk-in cloning 3 times, three ERs in two states, general doctor and I am afraid were on our own! I have had good results with three products. I have tried over 400 treatments or remedies I read or heard about! I REFUSE to live this way SO another day! Hired an attorney and I am forcing local ER to take me SERIOUSLY OR I AM FILING LAWSUIT!
I believe they are some kind of external hookworm. I use Kuza Indian Hemp hair and scalp treatmemt, Friedman's volcano ash facials for men a charcoal mask. I have also used products from feed store..invermectin and fenbendazole with DMSO which forces meds into deep layers of skin! That's best I can do I will keep posting when I figured this he'll out....AND I WILL...LUCK AND PRAYERS FOR YOU...YOUR NOT CRAZY EITHER:)

Feb 05, 2018
Has anyone found a solution? I have the same bugs, larvae, etc. NEW
by: Alex

I had this start around October 2017 with what seemed to me like biting bugs that I couldnt find, which I later saw what looked like tiny fleas or something, so I did everything in my power to kill these "fleas" and they never went away. I could seem to slow their growth by vaccuming, but this is when the sharp pains began growing worse and I had tiny black hair-like worm things coming out of my skin and found white fiber-like things what looked like small pieces of string which I would occasionally find in my skin (it's hard to describe, but they were like fiber-optic cable coming apart) like I had cotton under my skin sort of. I went to urgent care and ER and was told I was imagining things as well and given an antibiotic as I had dug a hole in my skin with tweezers trying to get one out. I brought samples to the doctor who wouldn't look at them. After giving up on anyone taking me seriously, I began having whitish grub-like worms coming out of my skin in various places that would basically shoot out of sores that I still have scars from. I would sit in the shower for hours as this seemed to help get them out as well as contain them. I also encountered what I thought were fleas during this period that would bite and hurt like hell. After a couple weeks of cleaning using shampoo for lice and lots and lots of showers as well as constant vacuuming and spraying of Adams flea and tick spray (meant for almost anything), they suddenly went away, FINALLY!!! I was so relieved.... until they came back last week (Around February 1st 2018). I have encountered the jumping black bugs and white thread-like things (which I have only seen a couple). but I'm now getting sharp pains all over that accompany the black hair things exiting my skin, I have never seen them enter, but I found a small black elongated insect getting under my skin at the beginning of this episode, which I didn't think to save but I have a video of me taking it out. The black worm things seem to cause bumps all over my body, I am feeling crawling under my skin, and I can't sleep more than an hour or two a night since it's so painful and uncomfortable (they get waaay worse at night). I have yet to have the white grubby things come out, but I'm guessing that's going to be coming at some point. I wanted to know if anyone has found a solution to this problem or knows of a type of doctor I should see. I gave my most recent samples to an entymologist at an exterminator (not explaining everyting, he thought I was crazy for the black worm things coming out of my skin). Hopefully he will be able to help me identify the issue, but I don't have very high hopes of this. Please help if you have found out what this is. I have a history of drug use, so doctors are quick to discount my story without seeing any of the evidence. The moment you say "bugs under my skin" they want to send you away. I get it, I wouldn't really have believed myself before but I'm not the only one to have seen these. I have heard of morgellan's disease, but any doctor I have asked doesn't know what it is. I'm not sure what to do. I have job interviews coming up and I need to look sane... I've seen one doctor so far and he suggested I have scabies, which I'll try anything now so I took the cream, but I can't even tell my whole story before they kick me out of the office or ask me if i'm schizophrenic.

Dec 12, 2017
Possible Adderall Side Effects
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Hey Kim,
So sorry to read your story and all that you have been through. Listen, I don't know if you've considered this, but it may be possible that your current issues are the result of the long time use of the Adderall. Even if you've used Adderall for years without issue, the accumulated use could be very detrimental and begin an onset of symptoms. The list of possible side effects of that drug is remarkable so I think anything is possible. Just wanted to be sure you've considered that.

Having said that, are you actually finding bugs that can be seen with the naked eye? Can you describe them, size, color, etc? I'm asking because some people have the sensation of bugs but it turns out to be something else creating that sensation.

On the other hand, if your immune system is down, you are much more susceptible to a wider range of parasite infections so, as you said, anything is possible.

Hope you find some solutions soon.

Dec 12, 2017
Began July 4th..no relief! HELP
by: Kim c.

I am that person that cannot live with this! I have LITERALLY DONE IT ALL....EVERYTHING I HAVE READ! I have been to Dermatologist; 2 Walk-in-clinics, our local hospital at least 8 times.(last time sent me to PSYCH DEPARTMENT), UAB 4 TIMES, another local hospital 2 times, 2 infectious disease doctors and Vanderbilt ER 2 TIMES! I have severe ADHD AND TAKE ADDERALL...AS I HAVE THE LAST 22 YEARS....SAME DOSE.The second the check in girl asks what is wrong and what meds do you take....ITS A WRAP! Not ONE PHYSICIAN HAS EVEN LOOKED AT THE SAMPLES I BROUGHT...NOT ONE! Physicians take an oath "DO NO HARM" SHAME ON THEM ALL! Honestly!! If ONE DR. WOULD STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN.ITS POSSIBLE I MAY ACTUALLY SURVIVE THIS! They are now hatching behind elbows, behind knees, DAMN FACE.CHEEKS UNDER EYES, ankles, back and thighs! Do ALL PHYSICIANS HAVE "GOD COMPLEX"? I have always had real FAITH AND TRUST IN PHYSICIANS!! It is a WALK OF SHAME LEAVING THE ER WITH ALL STAFF TALKING ABOUT HOW NUTS I AM. WHEN THINGS ARE LITERALLY HATCHING WHAT CHOICE DO YOU HAVE? Every visit I convince myself SURELY THEY WILL HELP NOW? WRONG AGAIN!! I ask this..KNOWING WHATS GOIJG TO HAPPEN TO ME....HOW I AM ABOUT TO FEEL WALKING OUT, BEING LAUGHED AT.DO THEY THINK HOW IM FEELING AT ALL.DO THEY FOR ONE TINY, SPLIT SECOND THINK I WANT TO BE THERE? If it weren't happening and LITERALLY KILLING ME.I WOULD NEVER GO BACK FOR MORE!! Shame on all PHYSICIANS THAT JUDGE OTHERS AND MAKE ASSUMPTIONS! Don't become a PHYSICIAN IF YOU CANT THINK ANYTHINGS POSSIBLE PLEASE!!!!!1!;

Dec 11, 2017
Hey Beth
by: Gene

I feel your pain.Sounds like the same thing I have gotten into.I just wish I knew what it was. Going on about a month now .Started out like a splinter in my finger.Just could not get it out.They are real messed up.They just will not let go.It's like they are attached to the nerve,it hurts so bad.I could tell you a lot about these things except what it is.I Just found out today I am infected more than I ever thought.I know it sounds stupid,but I took some comet and made a paste and put it on my fingers,(yes I will try anything).WOW,they went crazy coming out.They just kept coming.It burns like hell,but I think it's more from pissing them off more than the comet.After just a few min you can just scrap them off.But they just kept coming. I am not recommending this,it hurts real bad,it may not work the same for everyone.I wish someone could help.

Nov 13, 2017
Worst Parasite Ever
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Hi Missy,
Would you consider trying the parasite cleansing protocol that I have outlined? I would especially suggest the Composure and Herbal Fiberblend if you can't manage all of it. I hope this helps.

Nov 10, 2017
Worst Parasite Ever
by: Missy

About 6weeks ago my eye was ver itchy. Tried not to rub it but couldn’t help it. The next morning was looking to see if it was a style. Didn’t see a style but do see a small round red patch on my upper eyelid. It was very itchy, as looking closer I’m seeing little black dots in it. Cleaned my face and the next day now huge round welt on the side of my face with a hole ithe middle. My eyelid and nose have some swiggly red line, and Alao, there are very faint slightly raised lines on my face looks like each on starts at my forehead and coming down making an X over my nose and ending at the side of my mouth. I’m looking closely and see a black shadow and pick at it and try to pull bc at the time I’m thinking it’s a long gross hair (that would have been great in retrospect) What was coming out as pulling them through were very sharp and thin like fibers. Didn’t pull that much it was ltwo hard and it seems there are probobly thousands of the white fibers rolled Into one which is why the look black at first. but big mistake because now there is that sticky film covering my nose and the thin fibers that got pulled out spa radically went over different place on my face.
Already knowing about Morgellons Disease which there is no cure for, came to the conclusion based on my experiences that Morgellons would not be a primary diagnosis but caused by an onset of say a Parasite?

Now just seeing the black specs I’m thinking mites (dust mites). Ordered Ivermectin because the itching got so bad, also took an antihistamine. Rubbed half my eyebrow off! Now feeling miserable, and look it too! Took the Ivermectin
Convinced it was mites and be would be cured. Woke up next day mush less itching but the sore on my upper eyelid is now about a half dollar size going up over my inner eyebrow onto the sling between my eyebrows. I️ also have two smaller task bumps on each side of the big round rash on the side of my face, which has a deep hole in the middle and those starve fibers are sticking out.

Now I’m studying my face and these lines on my nose are like S shaped. Also on my nose was a bumb, squeeuit lightly and it just ioed to reveal like 5 other red bumps under it. If squeezed those they were either clear lights or cane right out. The same thing happened where the big sore now was over my eye. Also thick thread like pieces ran crisscrossing over the eye abrasion and over my nose. I’ve seen a lot and been through a lot but this is something out of a crazy movie!

Onto the next day, attempt to pull down one of the string like pieces (which hurt, like ripping a nana is off) and as it goes over /through the middle of my nose it opens the skin and there are like thousands of black dots, quickly took them out and saved them. Got Rubbling alcohol and cleaned that off just to discover more are coming out from my skin. Those clear raised bumps now looked reddish(only on my nose and one eye and middle of forehead

Looked online and the picture that match batter to what I️ have are a type of worm (hook worm or tape worm)

If anyone had another suggestion please share!? Thanks!

So last night I’m looking at my upper eye lid and decided to pull one of the fiber strings that went they it. Sure enough open up and it was swollen my the way, and this weird very thick blood came out. Looking closely with a magnifying glass something was moving! Freaked out because just watched somoone on Utube pull a big Parasite out of someone head. At this point I’m thinking it one big one it pops it’s head out but can’t grab it before it goes back. I️ was tempted to rip that layer of skin of to get it but restrained myself. Now it gets even more gross..looked at the welt with the hole in the middle on thesis rod my head and it’s coved like Spider-Man covered it with the fiber. So pull them off and it was like opening the gates for the little whit worms to come out! At least 25-50 came out, saved a kfew but ran to wash off Feeling so disgusted and disgusting!

Guess the ivermectin didn’t work. Ordered lPinx and it’s coming today. Putting mupirocin on it. Taking Doxycycline
Ate about 6 cloves of garlic.

Part of me is tempted to see if in my eyebrow was that really one big one and is that the one that has to die so they all die or were my eyes with magnifying glasses on seeing just one big one. Hopefully when take the Pinx later it will kick this out! I️ bought a cleanse to do and probiotics.

Just when one thknks they been through everything.
Trying to think what may have caused this. I’ eat a lot of sushi and ordered from a new place about 2 months ago.
I’m not convinced that it’s possible these parasites have been in me for a lot longer though. Also, I’m not Convit it was the food, maybe something bite me, saw on the interwhefe note bites can’t then turn to giving worms.

I’m just totally grossed out! Won’t leave the house or go to any of my sons events (not that he would want me to with the way my face looks! Basically to embarrassed to even go to the doctor now.

Also, been very lethargic for about two months and somewhat depressed. Usually I’m the exact opposite.

Please if thoughts from anyone would much be appreciated!!!

Thank you!
God Speed-

Oct 01, 2017
Please stop saying its a cactus:)
by: Kimberly

This is NO stinging nettle or cactus! Thanks for trying! This is an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE! As these black hairs move, they hurt. THEY are in subcutaneous layer of skin. Burrow down when they find their happy home in your skin. If you try to get them out, it hurts like hell! Bleed profusely if lucky enough to get it out! Leaves a TERRIBLE scab so dont dig! Going to Vanderbilt today armed with several SAMPLES. I am NOT LEAVING WITHOUT ANSWERS and AlbenZadole! They HATE LAVENDAR ALSO! I have LITERALLY used everything from GASOLINE to sav from farmers market! Have been to UAB twice, dermatologist, urgent care, twice, general doctor, Madison Hospital and Huntsville Hospital there times! Left AMA last TWO times as they called in a psychiatrist! Craziest part is that NOT ONE SINGLE PHYSICIAN, yes, I did say NOT ONE,has looked at the SAMPLES!!! When they hear I have taken ADDERALL for ADHD last 25 years, they say I'm abusing it! I know soon I will find that one doctor that doesn't have the "GOD COMPLEX" and because he is unfamiliar I must be a druggie! PRAYING it will be today! Please pray for is all, today! I CANNOT live like this another minute!
THEY are like a combo of termite, worm and mite rolled into a MONSTER! I am AMAZED AT THE MEDICAL COMMUNITYS LACK OF KNOWLEDGE CONCERNING PARASITES! This has to change as I was a very normal and stable adult woman. This takes your life AWAY! I feel helpless and very ANGRY! Depressed and worn out. My first waking thought/feeling and my last EVERY SINGLE DAY is something CRAWLING in and on me! Now I smell the WORST SMELL ON MY SKIN! Assume it's their excrement.I WOULD NOT WISH THIS ON ANYONE, EVER!

Sep 30, 2017
Its for real
by: Kimberly

I have the scalp and hands and ears. Its serious and its painful. I have found steroid cream gives relief but doesnt kill them. I am losing my hair and have been using rubbing alcohol on my head, Hands and ears. I can feel them get back on me we. I reach down to floor. Can they live in carpets and on clothes? What are they and how do we get rid of it? Tea tree oil works for a many things. I am going to try it.

Sep 10, 2017
no succlent or cactus here.....THEY ARE bugs!
by: kim caud

Begins as white, tiny and extremely thin fiber. Then irradecent, glitter looking on skin. One day you look down and suddenly your body has 200 new, very dark , rectangle freckles. You will see larve next! Look like tiny tadpoles! Then see some black worms too! Then your blessed with large flea looking bugs that can jump, far! They can burrow and dig into skin if you attempt to pull off! Also they have a TERRIBLE scent and waxy substance they use as defense mechanism....been to 7 doctors so far...and I too,have been told I was on drugs initially! CLEARLY, I'm NOT! Sadly some physicians have a GOD complex...if they don't know or cannot explain it then you must be on drugs or crazy.they take an oath to do no harm to patients....guess what? I think the reaction from physicians has hurt me more than this parasite ever could!

Sep 09, 2017
Black haired, white larva parasite
by: Crystal

Last time I had this I went to the hospital I had severe dehydration and something wrong with my heart. I got put on steriods and a strong antibiotic, 2 days before that for going to the ER for the bugbites. (I told them I had worms, some kind of white ameoba/magot looking worms in my body. They drug tested me and called psych.) So for about 3 weeks to a month Ive been good then all of a sudden while cleaning someone's house with them Now I have them again this time it stated in my earlobe, and in fresh tattoo on my leg. From the earlobe it has cauased an infection, blisters or something in my mouth. Orajel,rubbing alcohol 70% +, bleach will kill them and help the itching and pain. Rubbing alcohol is my favorite to use. Right now this time I'm using steroid prednisone and rubbing alcohol, trying to het that same antibiotic without sounding like a nutcase. BUT WHAT THE HELL IS IT FOR REAL? WHAT DO WE HAVE? I went to hospital again here recently like a week ago by EMS, severe dehydration and really bad seizures, I haven't ever had seizures that bad in my life one of the nurses was putting an IV in it messed up, she pulled it out and a really long black bug/worm came out and she grabbed it , she called other nurses and a Dr to see it, they bagged it but.never said nothing about it... WHAT IS THIS PARASITE IN OUR BODIES?

Aug 29, 2017
black straight hair like /white lint things
by: lisa

It started like small black hair things then white something like lint. It gets every where and itch. Look like you have moles. What is it and how to get rid of it. Help please. I'm clean . I don't know where it came from.

Aug 21, 2017
I've had all of hese symptoms.
by: Karen in Hlostom

And I still do have them. I catch the larva for them and Fred it to them. You may have noticed your skin is drier. They inhale fluid from inches sway.you c. Watch it happen. I have it on video.dm o call me or go to my FB site called "TAKING A CLOSER LOOK AT MORGELLONS" Lots of photos and videos or h
Just call! Mine come out to get close to me but they only like the dark. They won't let any new ones bite or sting. They DEFINATELY understand. Even as. Group!!

Jul 24, 2017
by: kim caud

I have these to! Does anyone know what these are? Parasite or what? I've been to 4 emergency rooms and they say I'm CRAZY....I am not and will die soon if I can't get this fixed

Jun 24, 2017
Me too
by: Gary

U I had the same thing now these little white larva that looks like slugs are coming out any know what that are

Jun 16, 2017
Thousands of splinters in all. Fingers
by: Robert

Ive had the same haiy splinters in all fingers ive learned to squeeze them out with oil and toenail clippers i get a sandy sharp feeling crust i never get it out ive had long hairs come out of skin i can't get any help just like a man says in fiber disease drs think You are hallucinating or on drugs ive been living with it for almost 4yrs now i noticed scar on scalp and a line continually growing longer and longer it looks like hair under skin it bothers me so bad ill be glad when I'm finally at peace with my maket

Jun 12, 2017
I have the same mysterious problem.con't
by: Tamara

I hv them all over my scalp and am losing my hair due to this and the scabbing. U can finally dig it out. .but if u let go or misplace it in ur hair- it will reattach itself right back! They don't even hv legs. .it's as though they teleport themselves there bcuz it's so quick and accurate! Lol. One thing they hate..is raw garlic. When I eat it.they explode and u can feel pus

Jun 12, 2017
I have the same mysterious problem
by: Tamara

Hi there. I'm kind of relieved/ shocked to find someone describing what I have bcuz it's unheard of as far as the norm goes. Anyhow, the symptom such as itching can increase with the intake of sugar I noticed. They love it and will suck at you..causing u to itch. I hv dug these suckers out w my finger nail, and let me tell u- they don't want to come out

May 27, 2017
You've been attacked by a succulent!
by: Mitchie

That sounds scary if you dont know what a succulrnt is, doesn't it? Dont worry... What your describing sounds like you inadvertently brushed up against a type of cactus. I dont know if all cactus are the same but these type are very popular in succulent gardens in southern California, I can tell ya that! You dont even have to touch them! If you get too close, they propell from the plant like little arrows and look like litle black clumps just like you described. Its not 'til you look close that you see they are a bunch of "cactus hairs."
So... I'm not sure what the protocol is for removing them (personally, tweezers was what worked for me) but I'm sure now that you know what they might be, you can search for a solution better. Good luck!

Aug 21, 2016
Possibly Poison Ivy???
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Hi Carmen,

How many of these sores do you have? Are they spreading? If you still only have the initial sore(s), it's possible that you were bitten by a bug/spider while sitting in your garden.

I would have thought you were talking about poison ivy or poison oak rash apart from the little black splinter you are seeing in the sores.

I've had those rashes enough times to describe them as very itchy and painful and starting off as a pimple like sore and spreading, but I've never noticed the black splinter type object.

If that is the case, antibiotics does nothing for that and you are just compromising your immune system by taking them.

Some people find that low dose prednisone helps a bit with the itching, etc, until the rash subsides in these cases.

It may be that you actually have something else. If the condition persists and you've ruled out poison ivy, etc, I would consider following the parasite cleansing protocol as I've had great success with it for a wide variety of different issues and it works well.


Aug 14, 2016
Sores that paper as a pimple with what looks like a black splinter in center the sores itch and r painful and grow into a open sore which produces a clear very sticky substance
by: Carmen

A small pimple is how they start and it looks like a black splinter in the sore they itch and r painful after so long it turns to a open sore which produces a very sticky substance I had sat in my yard two days in a row and a few days later these appeared I have tried very strong antibiotics oral and topical which has not seemed to help any advice

Jul 03, 2016
Hairy Caterpillar or Stinging Nettle Plant?
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Hi Beth,

I realize that by the time I've gotten around to answering your question you probably already have figured out a solution to the tiny black hair looking things in your hand, but I figured I'd still post this in case someone else comes along with a similar problem in future.

My first thoughts are that you've come into contact with something (obviously) that has the kind of tiny hairs that you described.

Because it was on your top and you were walking home from work (and you didn't mention walking through the woods or anything) I would suggest a hairy caterpillar fell on your top and you inadvertently brushed it off with your hand.

Do you have hairy caterpillars in England? That's the question. I've had some experience with them here in Australia and they can be quite painful and very much like you described.

Stinging nettle is a plant that also can be quite painful to come in contact with and leaves painful hairs in your skin and a rash generally develops from the oils in the plant.

Both of those options are unpleasant but will pass with some gentle cleaning and using duct tape (or similar) to pull out the hairs from the skin. Some people even use hair removal wax if they have it on hand.

You may need to apply some topical remedy to help with the pain and rash. A baking soda and salt paste mixture may help. I like to use aloe vera or jewelweed plant if I have some on hand.

Of course, there are some steroidal topical creams at the chemist or pharmacy that you could try too.

If you discovered that it was something else entirely, I'd love to hear back from you on what the tiny black hair like things in your hand turned out to be.


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