Tiny Bugs

by Southernam
(Poway, CA)

Little Bites...now I just saw a few tiny bugs on my hand...

It started about 1.5 weeks ago....I had these tiny little itchy bites. I am used to mosquito bites but these were much smaller.

I was deathly afraid it was bed bugs but we are very clean, wash linens weekly and there were no signs on the linens.

Then tonight I was brushing my teeth and saw something on my hands...they were tiny little bugs, maybe like 8 of them...I couldn't feel them, but I could see them.

I crushed them all and washed my hands but now I"m totally freaked out...this has to be what keeps biting me.

Any ideas?

Hi Southernam,

Do you have pets? Could they be fleas? How about mites, sandflies, or springtails?

Did you just get the itchy bites one time? Have you gotten more? Only at night, or in the day too?

If you see any more of these tiny bugs, try to capture them with a piece of tape and put them in a little jar. You can probably take them to a local agricultural college or department of entomology and get them identified if they continue to "bug" you. :)

As people like to point out to me from time to time, I am definitely not an entomologist or "bug expert" of any sort. This site is mainly to help people with intestinal parasites, but I'm happy to try and point folks in the right direction on other issues if I can.

To your good health!

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