Tiny Flying Insects Infesting Cat

by Anne Michaud
(Midland, TX)

I just squeezed out some tiny flying insects infesting cat. They get under the cat's skin from the air conditioner, I think.

I have never in my life seen anything that looked so terrible. I just spent the whole night pulling them, scab first, out of the cat's skin embedded in the hair follicle. I also think people can get something like this also. I have hair loss.

If you run your hand over the cat's hair you can find the little bumpy scab. Attached to that is hair and lastly the bug with white eggs. One had tiny wings, black in color.

Does anyone have info on what to use to get rid of them? I have pix if you want to see these insects.

I noticed some tiny pinkish scabs on my cat. When I pulled it out there was a black tiny winged insect attached to the scab and some white spots that I assumed were eggs. I saw hair attached to the scab. I was able to get some shots of this.

I got 15 out from around his neck area last week and now more have replaced those. I think some were tiny flies. The most recent were brownish yellow, last night. The flea medicine does not work on these.

The ac condenser or vents bring them into the house. Awful things. Does anyone know about these smelly things?? I can send in pictures if anyone would like to see them.

Thank you for sharing.
Very nice site!

Hi Anne,

Thanks for your kind words about the site. Much appreciated! We don't have a lot of cat info here on the site, but we do have a few other pages where similar questions were asked.

I do remember that one pet owner shared their experience of getting rid of similar sounding bumps my making a mixture of epsom salts, baking soda, and water, and spraying
in onto the pet's coat to rub into the skin. They claimed it helped tremendously, but I don't recall them mentioning flying insects in their description.

Personally, I think I'd try some diluted organic apple cider vinegar (like Bragg's - it's cloudy and has the "mother" in it) as it would probably serve two purposes - one, help clear up the current issue and two, make the cat an uninviting location for these tiny flying insects (whether they are coming from the air conditioner or not).

In fact, I'd spray the a/c with it too! :)

I would suggest that you dilute the apple cider vinegar with 3 parts water to 1 part vinegar so that it isn't too strong for your cat.

You can put a small amount in the drinking water or food each day, too. (Whichever one you can manage without the cat refusing it entirely).

If you would like to send along the pictures, I can easily add them to this page so that someone may be able to identify the tiny flying insects infesting your cat. Just send them to me at angie (at) allaboutparasites (dot) com.

There are SO MANY different types of mites and parasites, that it's hard to know what it may be.

I hope the above suggestions help, but you also might find these resources helpful, Essential Oils For Natural Pet Care and Veterinary Secrets Revealed. Knowing the best way to care for your pet at home may save you a lot of money and worry in future.

By the way, you mentioned that YOU are experiencing some concerns for yourself as well. You can most certainly apply the same apple cider vinegar method to yourself - internally and externally, but you may also want to consider a natural cleanse and some nutritional supplements to support your immune system.

I use Herbal Fiberblend for cleansing and the Garden Trio for nutritional support.


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