Treatement for Midgets Under Your Skin

by imran.danish
(Dhaka , Bangladesh)

What is the treatment for midgets under your skin or body? Is it highly contagious?

One of my close friend suffering from skin disorder. There are black small dots size things are coming out of her body. As if it is the eggs laid by the parasites.

She can feel them moving in the body, especially when she is using pesticide poisons on her skin.

She found out from Bangkok Bermungrad Hospital that the mature insect in her body is midget.

But no proper medication advised.

Need help please.
Anxiously waiting for support in the name of Lord.


Hi Imran Danish,

Are you referring to biting midges, I wonder? I'm not familiar with a "midgets" insect. Perhaps it is something unique to your area?

At any rate, as with most internal parasite concerns, I always recommend a good herbal digestive cleanse. You want to kill and eliminate the dead and dying parasites.

Your friend also needs to take some good probiotics (good bacteria for the body like acidophilus, bifidum, longum, etc.) to build up her immune system.

She also needs to eliminate the sugar from her diet as much as possible. Sugar feeds parasites. Tell her to get as much good nutrition as she possibly can.

If she can, tell her to use whole food supplement powders to boost the amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients her body gets. This gives the body the tools it needs to heal more quickly.

Depending on the type of parasites, they can be contagious, generally through sexual intercourse, or transferring of bacteria from hand to mouth, eyes, or nose.

If someone close to your friend feels like they may be in danger of catching this infection, it would be wise for them to cleanse and take the probiotics, too.

Do you have raw apple cider vinegar available in your area? If so, tell her she can try applying it to her skin and/or adding it to her bath water. That may help with any external skin irritation as well as internal benefits from absorption through the skin.

I hope she feels better soon.

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