Treating A Yeast Infection/Candida

by Kerri
(Roseville, Ca. USA)

Hello! I am treating a yeast infection/candida as well as dealing with gluten intolerance, which I just found out I may have.

As far as the candida I was told not to bother taking the probiotic while on the grapeseed because it will just kill it and waste my money. So I quit taking the probiotic for a couple of weeks.

In the meantime I ended up with a UTI which at that point I went back on the probiotic and added cranberry juice (unsweetened of course) as well as the pill form and dandelion tea.

My question is, can I take the GSE and Probiotic at the same time? Or does the GSE cancel out the probiotic?

Thank you!
Kerri Lydell

Hi Kerri,

I'm a firm believer in taking probiotics when they are needed, regardless of whether you are on antibiotics, herbal anti-fungals, or anything else that is compromising your immune system.

I personally don't think using probiotics while treating a yeast infection/candida with antifungals is a waste of money, assuming you are using good quality probiotics.

The only stipulation I would make is that you don't take the probiotics at the same time of day as the other. Take your probiotics at least an hour before or after the grape seed extract or any anti-fungals you may take.

You took the right steps for treating your urinary tract infection. I hope that has cleared up for you.

If you aren't already using psyllium fiber as part of your cleansing process, that's something you may want to consider adding. The fiber, along with cleansing herbs, will help you get your candida under control much more quickly.

To your good health!

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by: kerri

Thank you sooo much for your reply to my question. Yes, I made it through the UTI which really was horrid. I drank alot of water so I was running to the bathroom ever 2 min and I am not kidding for about 4 hours until I finally fell asleep and by morning was much better.I think I should try the fiber as I am noticing that I am not going as much as I used to. Concerning me! Is fiber okay on a gluten free diet?
Our bodies are amazing if we just give it help it needs and a chance for our immune systems to work.
Thanks again!

Fiber Cleanse for Yeast Infection/Candida
by: Angie

Hi Kerri,

So glad to hear that the UTI is under control. Good news! I'm thrilled to hear it because so many people forget to come back and give me an update. :)

Fiber is okay on a gluten free diet if you use the right kind of fiber. The fiber in Herbal Fiberblend is soluble and insoluble psyllium fiber combined with 17 different anti-fungal and anti-parasitic herbs.

You won't like the taste (at least I don't - grin), but you'll love the results. The HFB does wonders for the digestive tract and colon. It will also really help to get rid of the yeast infection/candida overgrowth you are dealing with.

And by all means, keep up the probiotics as we mentioned earlier - just an hour away.

Keep me posted!

by: Kerri

Thank you for your reply! I have been curious about the cleanses since they have barley greens and barley is definitely out for me as a celiac. Is that a different part of the plant that is okay then?

Celiac Friendly Cleanse
by: Angie

Hi Kerri,

The Herbal Fiberblend cleanse does not contain any barley, but if you are thinking of the BarleyLife for detoxing and nutrtional support, you shouldn't have any problem with it either.

BarleyLife is made from the young barley grass that is juiced and dried at low temperatures to preserve the nutrients and live enzymes. BarleyLife does not contain any of the seed or grain, and is therefore "gluten free."

I can't speak for the other green barley products on the market. You'll need to check with each manufacturer to be sure. Some barley green products do have seed in them, so be aware of that.

Barley Greens
by: kerri

Thats great! I will check into that then...thanks so much for all your help!
Looking forward to learning alot from here/you. ; D

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