Unknown Bug?

by Rebecca

I was sitting around after just having picked up my cat, and found an unknown bug on my arm. It was small black and round, and had a sharp nose. It jumped very quickly and very far.

I don't know what it was, any suggestion?

I know it wasn't lice, but maybe a flea, or some other bug?

I've found some weird little black stringy things on my cat, very tiny, and they didn't move. Could these be connected?

Hi Rebecca,

Sounds like you are referring to a flea. They do tend to hop quite a distance and are so very quick.

However, I would tend to describe fleas as more oval in shape rather than round, but I guess that's a matter of perspective. :)

It's probably a good idea to have a closer look at your cat to see if you can locate any further fleas.

The black stuff you are seeing on your cat could be "flea dirt," which is what I would call "flea poo." Basically, once the fleas suck the blood of your cat, they pass it in their waste and leave the resulting black specks on the fur and skin of the cat.

It's not a good idea to leave your pet untreated if it does have fleas. They don't go away on their own!

You can choose between getting a typical flea treatment from your vet or a local Walmart type store or pet store. Bayer makes Advantage and Advantix, and Frontline Plus is also a very popular brand that you use once per month.

There are also natural remedies that you can try to get rid of the fleas if that is your preference. Some people find garlic and/or brewers yeast to be quite effective in keeping fleas away from their cats.

Hope this helps you with your unknown bug problem.


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Dec 16, 2017
Flea "dirt" or poo. NEW
by: A Closer Look At Morgellons Disease

i worked in Veterinary Medicine 25-30 years as a Licenced Veterinary Technician. We are licensed to do everything a veterinarian does except 3 things(1) We cannot write prescriptions (2) We cannot perform most surgeries (3) We canmot diagnose. Though Ive had many vets ask my opiniin if they are new to the field. I taught the 3rd year Vet Students the "hands On" treatments in ICU or in the emergenvy room. Its easy to tell if its "fle dirt". Fleas tend to gsther on the animals back right in front of the tail There may be hair loss and it feels a little oily to the touch but they like it because flea bites itch. Take a teaspoon of water and place it an inch from the tail, especially on those black dots. If its "flea dirt or "flea poop"place the water (they prefer warm) and instantly rub those black dots. First it will turn pink them red. That is the blood taken from your pet. In further review you said it had a sharp point. i have an idea of what Ive seen and I call them "dive bombers" because they dive directly under the skin and leave a hole for others to enter. A flea does on fact jump to the equivalency of 12 or more stories for us. Usually there is more than one and the bite itches like crazy. They do not dive under the skin eitherso there's no sharp point on them like my "dive bombers"

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