Unknown Minute Bug

by Sazzapops

Unknown minute bug maybe?

I have an unusual problem. Twice now when my boyfriend has been massaging my neck and shoulders - he has felt little sharp bumps around the back of my neck below my hair line.

If I reach back to feel them - they feel just like that, tiny little scratchy bumps. They cause me no discomfort at all - and picking them off shows that they are attached hard to the very fine hair there.

I have had head lice before - and these are far too small. They feel smaller even than a lice egg and are too small to put on your nail and squish for example - it's even hard to see them.

My boyfriend says whilst still attached - they look like little black-heads or in-gorwing hairs. But neither is true.

Any ideas?

All love

Dear Sazzpops,

What I find most interesting about your "unknown minute bug" is that it is not giving you any discomfort at all - no stinging, no itching, no burning, no poking, no crawling sensation, etc.

That's a good thing! :) It may be that your bumps are not a bug at all. They could be from a small mite, but it also could simply be some excess matter like sebum that has formed these little bumps at your hairline.

Your body's sebaceous glands naturally produce an oily substance to moisturize your skin and they are generally located right at the hair follicle.

That would be my best guess based on your description. Generally, these sebum bumps or plugs don't need to be treated, particularly since they aren't bothering you.

If they are a concern to you, you could probably see a doctor about a cream to help remove them or just try applying some Vitamin A cream to the affected areas.

Hope that helps!

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Sep 13, 2011
Unknown Minute Bug
by: Angie

Well, it honestly doesn't sound like mites to me. There is such a thing as demodex mites, but I really think you'd be having some discomfort if that was your condition.

I don't think it would have anything to do with you cutting your hair shorter, unless you pretty much shaved it fairly close to the head. If you did, the ingrown hair type theory you mentioned has more validity.

Even though you may not have a problem with excess oil as a general rule, you would still have sebaceous glands that are producing the sebum at the base of the hair.

I particularly thought sebum because of the location and how you described it was like it was attached to the hair shaft at point of entry.

I guess if I were to suggest something topically to you, to target mites or fungus, I'd say start by giving the area a good rinse with warm water and sea salt.

Secondly, make a combo of tea tree oil and lavender oil and apply to the area a couple of times per day. If you only have one or the other of those essential oils, try it on its own, which may be sufficient.

If you find after a few weeks that you are still having the same problem, you might want to try apple cider vinegar instead. I'm talking about the organic unfiltered kind (a bit cloudy), not the typical ACV that is with the rest of the vinegars in the supermarket.

Of course, you can swap those suggestions around and try the ACV first. Incidentally, you can also add a tablespoon of the apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and drink that once or twice daily to help from the inside out, just in case your bumps are caused by excess toxins in your system.

The trouble with these types of skin conditions is that there are so many different possibilities, it's really hard to pinpoint the cause (especially long distance). :)

Believe it or not, something as simple as too much sugar in your diet can cause little bumps like you describe.

Hope one or more of those suggestions helps.

Sep 13, 2011
Cut hair?
by: Anonymous

Hi there Angie, thanks for your response. If it was mites, how can I tell and where do I go rom here? I can get a microscope if need be to look...

I am aware of sebum - and watch regularly and don't have oily skin.
I can't imagine why this would build up this way just at my hairlines - unless it's because I have always had long hair - and chopped it all off short a few months ago - and something to do with that...

Does that trigger any other ideas to you?

All love

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