Unknown Rash

by Suffering with Unknown Rash

I have suffered from an unknown rash for 2.5 years.

Initially it looks like little red/black pinprick dots and itches terribly. I can scratch/pick it off and it leaves a tiny bleeding pinprick on the skin.

The itchiness triggers me to scratch and more scab forms. The cycle repeats endlessly. This unknown rash occurs from the shoulders down and rarely occurs on the inner cheeks of my buttocks or in the bra line.

I have treated myself 8 times for scabies, treated my car with all sorts of flea treatment. I vacuum and wash the bedding every week, and dry all the bedding and clothes in a hot drier.

My children very occasionally have a similar rash on their bodies, but not nearly as severe as mine.

I don't dare to show any of my skin below my shoulders and my skin is scarred for life from infected scabs. I live like a recluse.

I used to have beautiful skin that looks like a model. I have seen myriads of doctors to no avail. I have been on Cetirizine for 2.5 years and am getting sick of it.

I'm getting depressed over this. I would like a natural remedy that does not affect my children. Please help me!

Dear Suffering,

I can really hear your frustration and despair at the lack of results you have received with the various treatments you've tried for this unknown rash. My heart really does hurt for you.

I can't recommend a magic pill that will work instantly, but I explain a little bit about how the body works and point you in the right direction for some natural supplements and lifestyle changes that can help you get rid of this horrid rash and allow your body to heal.

We all encounter various toxins throughout our daily life. Depending on the country in which we live, the amount of external toxins and parasites we face varies.

We also have different dietary and lifestyle habits that contribute to the strength of our immune system and its ability to eliminate toxic material.

Here are the basics:

Our body has "openings" that it can eliminate waste from - eyes, ears, nose, mouth, bowels, urinary track.

If the body can't get rid of parasites, toxins, bacteria or other unfriendly elements, they build up in the body until the organs are forced to send the excess to the skin!

That's why so many people deal with various rashes and skin conditions that they just can't seem to get rid of no matter how hard they try.

The "usual" treatments that are recommended are typically trying to treat the rash or the itching (like your antihistamine Cetirizine), without targeting the underlying problem.

When you understand how the body processes work, you can then boldly tackle
the elimination-cleanse-nourish cycle.

You need to give your body what it needs to eliminate and cleanse (detox) this toxic build up in your body that is exposing itself in the form of an unknown rash, as well as the support to nourish the body and promote healing.

Herbal Fiberblend is a very effective digestive cleanser that can help your body to detoxify and eliminate waste build up.

Barley Life will nourish your body, improve your pH levels and promote healing through the creation of healthy cells.

AIMega is a combination of essential fatty acids that are just that, ESSENTIAL for your body's daily functions. They will help to reduce the inflammation in your body and boost your immune system.

Commit yourself to 3 months of faithful use of these 3 basic natural supplements and I think you may find that your unknown rash clears up!

As for all the scarring that you've developed from the unknown rash, you may want to try daily use of vitamin E oil as an external rub on the scars.

This takes a lot longer to work, but faithful use of Vitamin E has been shown over and over again to reduce scar tissue and improve the appearance of damaged skin. If your scars are really distressing you, it's worth the extra daily effort to use the Vitamin E oil.

Other lifestyle changes:

Apart from using good quality supplemental support, you need to seriously consider dietary changes.

Cut out excess sugars in your diet and try to drastically reduce the amount of processed foods you eat. If you live in a country like the US that thrives on fast food and packaged products, it can be difficult to make these changes.

However, you'll get results much more quickly if you can discipline yourself to eat more whole foods - fresh vegetables, fish, whole grains, etc. - and less "junk" food.

What's wonderful about this whole process is that your kids will benefit too. They can do everything right along with you and you will no doubt notice changes in their own health and behavior.

I sincerely hope that you will be able to take these steps to get rid of this unknown rash by treating your body to a systematic cleansing, eliminating, and nourishing regimen.

It most certainly CAN'T be good for you to be on Cetirizine for such a long period of time. I would discourage you from using any further synthetic scabies treatments or other non-natural treatments. These almost always do more harm to your immune system than good.

Please let me know if I can be of further help. I pray that you will find peace of mind and a healthy body free of your unknown rash soon.

To your good health!

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