Unusual spot!

by Morgan

I have an unusual spot on my leg that wasn't there until after I got back from our local creek (in the woods).

It itched for a while but now it feels like something is in the sore. What could it be?

Hi Morgan,

Well, you could have been bitten by something in the local creek or in the woods. You also could have scratched your leg while in the woods and then got some bacteria in the spot while in the water.

Another option might be that a leech attached itself to you while you were in the woods or the water and that has caused the spot and the itching.

It's really hard to say for sure without examining it closely.

Do you have any hydrogen peroxide? It would be a good idea to clean the unusual spot with the peroxide and then apply some tea tree oil or aloe vera gel from the plant to the area.

If you continue to have problems with it, you may want to go to the doctor and have the spot looked at. You don't want it to become infected or to cause you long term irritation.

To your good health!

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