Vaginal Inflammation

by Blondine Hanna
(Norwich UK)

I have burning and rash around and outside the intimate area.

Hi Blondine,

A vaginal inflammation with burning and itching is usually one of the symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection.

These are the best ways I've found to get rid of a vaginal yeast infection as quickly as possible:

  • Cut out your sugar intake for several days (or weeks)

  • Start taking some probiotics 2-3 times per day for a week or two and continue once per day for at least a month or until you are certain the infection is completely gone. Probiotics are things like acidophilus (the good bacteria that your body needs to have a strong immune system).

  • For immediate external relief, get some plain organic yogurt (no sugar in it) and apply it to the inflamed vaginal area. It's a bit messy, so place a towel down, apply the yogurt generously and read or watch TV for a little while (15-30 minutes).

  • If you have sexual relations with someone, it is important for them to treat themselves for a yeast infection, too, or you will just keep passing the yeast infection back and forth between you.

    In his case, he should take the probiotics and eat some organic yogurt. If he has any sign of rash of the penis or groin, he can use tea tree oil on the affected area.

I hope this helps you to get rid of your vaginal inflammation as quickly as possible. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.

To your good health!

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