Well Water Parasites

by Mary
(Lancaster, Ca.)

My mom has been experiencing foul taste, diarehia, and vomiting. Could this come from well water parasites?

Hi Mary,

Yes, your mother could have the symptoms you described from well water parasites. When water is bad, one of the first signs is intestinal problems.

Of course, diarrhea and vomiting can also be from food poisoning, a flu virus, etc. I can't say for sure if it's the well water that IS causing your mom to feel so ill, just that it absolutely COULD.

My parents have well water, too. They've been worried about the quality of the water for a little while because of the industrial development that has gone on around them in recent years.

Last year I purchased them a water filter/purifier from Aquasana. It was very easy to attach to their kitchen tap and sits right on the counter. They also have different models that go under the sink if you prefer.

Aquasana has a very good reputation for quality products and I thought it was really affordable. If you're convinced that your mom's well water is at fault, this is an easy solution for you to try.

Meanwhile, tell your mom to take some probiotics, like Florafood to help build the good bacteria in her body to get rid of the parasite symptoms she's displaying.

If this has been an ongoing problem, a good gentle cleanse with Herbal Fiberblend will do her good to kill off and eliminate any lingering parasites in her system.

Keep me posted.

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