Welts And Sores

by Jamie
(Cypress, Ca USA)

What could these welts and sores be?

My Mother in Law was at work in a warehouse building a trade show and discovered she had welts all over her.

They were on her face, the back, the arms, and the legs.

This happened at noon time and by (pm) that evening she was feeling dizzy.

The next day the welts were still there but she noticed that little sores or pimple like spots were in the middle of the sores and began to spread around the entire raised welt. She has not popped them but wants to.

I've asked her to seek medical help. She is never ill and is too prideful.

What do you think it is?

Hi Jamie,

It's really hard to say for sure what these welts and sores might be, but at a guess I would think she might be having an allergic reaction to something she came in contact with in the warehouse.

Was she working with any materials she was not accustomed to being around? Or happened to eat something she doesn't normally eat?

There's also the possibility that she was bitten by something and didn't realize it and is having a reaction to the bite (like a spider or similar).

Because she has these welts and sores all over her, it makes me think allergic reaction as my first guess.

Too much stress can cause some people to break out in hives, but the pimple like sores aren't usually associated with that to my knowledge, though I'm not an expert.

Has your mother in law tried taking an antihistamine? If she doesn't have any on hand this evening, maybe she has some raw honey. She can eat a couple of teaspoons of raw honey as it has natural anti-histamine benefits and may be sufficient to help the welts go away by morning.

It's probably best that she doesn't pop the little pimples. I know how tempting that can be, but it may just lead to further spreading.

If she's looking for something topically to apply to the skin, she can try organic apple cider vinegar.

If the antihistamines don't help or the natural remedies, perhaps she will be more willing to see a doctor. They may be able to give her a shot or fast acting liquid antihistamine that will work more quickly if they determine that she is having an allergic reaction to something.

I hope this is of some help and that she is able to get rid of the problem quickly. Let us know how it turns out.

Kind regards,

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