What Could Be Biting Me At Night?

by Rose

What Bed Bugs Look Like

What Bed Bugs Look Like

What could be biting me at night?

I am trying to figure out what kind of parasite is biting me. I don't think it is a flea.

I wonder if there is anything else besides the flea and dust mites that would "feast on me in bed".

I notice the itching starts as soon as I lie down in bed. I change the sheets every other day. I notice when I bathe that some kind of little bug is in the water...looks oval shaped and tiny.

Hi Rose,

Could it be a bedbug? They fit your description and they really do get you while you're in bed.

If you can capture one of the critters (like the one in your bath), you can send it off to the Harvard School of Public Health using the form provided. They can tell you whether or not it's a bed bug before you start treating your home for something that you may or may not have.

Getting rid of bedbugs can be a real challenge. There are a number of different treatments for bedbugs available ranging from pesticides to steam treatment, etc.

The first step is to determine the answer to "What could be biting me at night?" and go from there.

Good luck!

Comments for What Could Be Biting Me At Night?

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Aug 30, 2021
I'm being bitten at nite NEW
by: Linda

Groomer says no fleas on cat& I don't see bed bugs- I don't see anything
I did have an ant crawling on me
But it feels like mosquito bites
Various sized red itchy bumps
I'm a nurse and had contracted scabies decades ago- so I don't think it's that either- it doesn't wake me at night with severe itchingi think it might be a mite but how
I have one home care pediatric pt - I see 2 nites + nurses area is a leather sofa
I sleep and sit on my one comfy sofa
I've washed the cover 2x week including my blanket
I'm taking Benadryl
It's not easy seeing a Dr these days but I'm going to a dermatologist- it's possible I'm nuts but I'm pretty sure I'm bitten everywhere but mostly arms and legs

Aug 09, 2021
Lotsa Bites
by: Joyce

I notice the bites at night, but all during the day, too. I can feel something touching me (or crawling?) All over my body I feel that sensation, but especially under cover of bed clothes.
During the day I’ve noticed under tight straps, my waistband, or on soles of feet when walking I feel the biting.
Thoroughly flea bombed/fogged with Raid and cleaned my entire house yesterday but last night was again horrible.
The only marks I’ve noticed are tiny pin head red marks that do not itch after the first good scratch…If that’s even from the bugs. My skin is red where I scratch but no obvious bite marks. I never see any bug or critter when I look right after I feel them.
After mission work in Haiti, I know bed bugs and I know mites itch like crazy. These are different. Please help!

Jul 06, 2020
Centipede bite
by: Senthil

I am troublef ny centipede bite at might times regularly
What is the reason
It bites my legs

Nov 20, 2019
Bites at night
by: Vanessa

I have had 7 instances of bites at night. There are usually 2 a 5 at a time...not in a row. The exterminators looked for bed bugs and found nothing. I had a down pillow and an old poly pillow that I tossed. My most recent bites were 2 nights ago. I have a large hard, hot 3 inch circle on my inner upper arm and 2 large bites with scabs In center on the back of my neck. The time before that. I had a deep bite on my finger and several around my eye which made my eye swell closed. I have been to the Dr and taken various anti itch and antibiotic meds,
We don’t have bats or animals. Help

Sep 14, 2018
Hopeless mites
by: Angela

Well it's not just at night. It also gets on the dogs . Little shiny flat black spots,brown,white,blue hangs on hair. In the bed .they get them between there toes. And it seems to make them sore. It also gets in freer, frig,bed,cars,chairs and on the skin and hair of the dogs. In they're private parts,moth,and wars. Thanks please help.

Aug 10, 2016
What might be biting you, etc.
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Hi Barb,

Can you provide more details? Where are you getting these itchy, painful, blisters? Is it all over your body? Just one spot? Is it spreading? Are you getting more each night?

It may be that something bit you or you rubbed up against something toxic (poison ivy, etc) during the day and you just happened to start with the symptoms (evidence) during the night.

How large are the blisters and the swelling? What have you tried applying to the affected area so far?


Aug 06, 2016
Idk what bit me..?
by: Barb

This is painful it started iching at night and now is swollen and has blisters no poss coming out. But is vary very painful been this way for...four or five days its it's still red and hurts I haven't been iching it at all :(

Feb 16, 2016
bug bites
by: cathy

I have rentals that I clean when tenants move out, last one I cleaned had a bunch of spiders and I used our house vacuum there. Since then I have been get bit every single night for last couple weeks, I wake up with new bites every morning so I don't know if I vacuumed up spiders and brought them home or something else.

Jun 10, 2015
Black dots around the house biting you...
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Sounds like it could be mites of some sort. Have you tried using cedar oil in your cleaning efforts? That might do the trick.

May 24, 2015
what is hitting me all day?
by: Cassandra M.

I have little black dots that is as small as a grain of salt and flakes that are Brown or black all over my house that are bitting me. They are all over my body bitting. They are all in my hair and even my privates when I shower. The bite will be by my ankles, but they do get all over me. They will be in my bed. They are clear at first but then true black after they feed off me. I saw some bigger ones they look triangle and the biggest ones are large and flat like a thumb tack. What are they and how do I kill them?

Apr 23, 2015
ghost bugs
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Do you actually have bite marks (little red dots) or rash as a result?

I guess what I'm asking is whether or not you are definitely getting bitten or whether you just have the sensation of something crawling on you and biting you.

If this is only happening at night, the most likely culprit is bed bugs. They can be very hard to spot.

Apr 22, 2015
by: twobigg

There's. Something. In my bed eating me up everynite . It doesn't bother my kids mother too much but they like feast on me!! Alot of times i would feel something crawling on me or biting and i'll look but dont see anything. Other times i see small white things like lint or cotton or small black things. Can someone help please before they get to my kids they're the ages of 3,5,6 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 01, 2014
getting bites
by: Mikel

something is biting me on my arms the back of my neck and check area. Took the dog to vet to check for fleas said she didnt have fleas. then bombed the house washed everything and still I am getting bite any help?

Sep 01, 2014
trying to analize what is biting me
by: louis allen III

very first bites right arm spotted bites not in a row as indicated to be called bed bites scattered bites on the left arm only one bump itches a lot rubbing alcohol relieves the itch.i need to determine what is biting me and determine what to do about getting rid of them permanently and forever correctly for what they are.

Sep 23, 2013
Biting You At Night Only?
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Are you ONLY getting the feeling that you're being bitten while you are in bed? Never during the day?

If the dog does have fleas and is in the house, it could still be flea bites even if you haven't actually seen one on you.

Are you just feeling like you are getting bitten or do you actually see the bite marks (red dots or welts) on your skin?

Sorry for all the questions, but it's the only way we can try to supply an intelligent answer. :)

Meanwhile, try making up a spray bottle of water and clove oil and spritzing it over your sheets at night before going to bed. It may be sufficient to keep the critters at bay. ;)

Sep 22, 2013
not fleas or bed bugs
by: Anonymous

I'm getting bitten at night. At first I thought it was bed bugs so I stripped my bed down and did a thorough check no bed bugs. But i bleached down my mattress did the sheets and everything. Still got bitten then thought maybe fleas cause the dog has fleas once again stripped the bed and sprayed it down for fleas and did all the linens. I'm still getting bitten. And see no signs of any type of bugs. What is biting me.

Sep 20, 2013
i believe it is bed bugs
by: Anonymous

when you are bit is it 2 or 3 in a row? if so it would be bedbugs they bite usually 2-3 its call breakfast lunch dinner

Nov 13, 2010
Bed bugs, fleas, sand flies, mites...
by: Angie

I suppose mites could be biting you, but if you are positive they aren't bedbugs, have you considered the possibility of fleas or sand flies?

Are these bites leaving a rash or spots of any type?

Nov 13, 2010
What is biting us at night?
by: Anonymous

What is biting us at night? I do not think they are bedbugs. Could it be dust mites?

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