What do symptoms mean when adding food back in?

by Kya
(New York, NY, US)

What do symptoms mean when adding food back in after an anti-candida diet?

I have been on the anti-candida diet for 3 months. In the middle of the 3rd month I found out I am pregnant.

Two alternative medicine docs told me since all of my symptoms have been gone for over a month I may be fine and should start adding foods back in slowly for the baby's nutrition. They felt that I needed to have fruit and dairy.

I had no problems when adding fruit and dairy back into my diet.

(Problem 1) However, when I tried to add raw honey I had the same reaction I had when I cheated once and had a turkey sandwich. The roof of my mouth split and became slightly hard, not too sore, but definitely a lesion and there was a tingling sensation around the outside of my mouth. All of these symptoms were gone by the end of that day.

(Problem 2) I also have a tingling/burning/numb sensation on the tip of my tongue and the tip is smooth. This symptom came before I developed thrush but was gone as all the other symptoms left. Unfortunately, just before I started adding things back into my diet it came back. My PH seems to be around a 7 and I am seeing an acupuncturist once a week.

Any idea what these two symptoms might mean?

Hi Kya,

First of all, a big congratulations on your pregnancy. I think that's the most wonderful gift in the world and wish you all the very best!

Regarding your question about what do symptoms mean when adding food back in after a candida diet, the answer is not always simple.

In some cases, it may mean that your candida
is still not under control. That doesn't necessarily sound like the problem in your situation.

It may be that you have some food allergies and certain foods cause a reaction in you that are unrelated to candida.

As for the tingling/numb tongue, there are a number of scenarios that could be the cause of that. From what I understand it could be something as simple as a vitamin deficiency (usually B12 or Calcium) to much more serious health concerns, like MS.

Did you experience any trauma to your tongue in the past? A severe burn, or biting down hard enough to do damage? This type of tongue trauma can lead to parashesia which is the sensation you are feeling.

It could also just be a lingering symptom from the Candida infection. It's really difficult to say, and it seems that doctors have a hard time pinpointing the genuine cause as well.

My best encouragement is to continue to put your body in the best possible position for good health as you have been doing and hopefully that will sort itself out.

Get as much good nutrition as you can into you. Consider using the Garden Trio and AIMega to supplement your healthy diet.

I would also make a point of taking probiotics like Florafood or staying on them if you've already been using them to get your candida under control.

If you are doing "all the right things" and the problem gets worse or starts spreading, I would certainly seek further testing to rule out a serious health concern.

Wish I could be more help. I hope that all goes well for your pregnancy and that you are blessed with an adorable and healthy baby!

To your good health!

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