What I'm Using For Morgellons Treatment

by ...was nearly suicidal

What I'm Using For Morgellons Treatment

I’ve never contributed to a blog before but recently relied upon them when I was trying to get a handle on my Morgellon’s symptoms.

At first I thought it was body lice, then scabies, then realized neither fit and after some web-searching, landed on the Morgellon’s symptoms.

I tried many of the remedies on the blogs with varying degrees of success. I took clay and diatoneceous earth internally and externally.

I took iodine internally and it nearly killed me, according to my homeopath. I did not have a miracle cure with Sun detergent or Listerine baths.

I became obsessed with vacuuming, mopping, bathing and doing laundry. I couldn’t sit down for long due to the biting, so I kept running around incessantly cleaning. I couldn’t keep doing that.

Two weeks ago I couldn’t have sat long enough to spit out a paragraph. There are neurological components to this: I couldn’t focus my thinking, my eyesight diminished, and I had suicidal tendencies. These are part of the disease.

If you are in the midst of it, focus just enough to make note of the following. It’s a bit like a treasure hunt to gather this stuff, I know, but important to hit them with variety.

The Morgellons parasites tend to build up resistances easily so it helps to surprise them regularly. These are the products I have had good success with - this is my artillery:

  • TKO orange: I spray a diluted solution on my skin
    before I bathe. Then I wait a minute until I wipe skin off with a sponge while showering. I love this stuff. It’s indispensable.

  • Coconut oil/Neem oil mixture post-bath. Everywhere on my body. I add a little Mangosteen as well but it stains those clothes. Adding diatomaceous earth is helpful as well.

  • Robicomb: yes the lice comb helps for a few hours when they camp in your hair!

  • Alfalfa capsules - I never go anywhere without my alfalfa pills. I take 2 to reduce “activity” in those tough places where I don’t want to deal with bites and their movement.

  • Eating eggs: The sulfur in them discourages them and helps weaken them.

  • Mangosteen: This is a remarkable stuff, orally and topically.

  • Zapper: Results have diminished over time but it’s a helpful piece of the artillery in the mix.

  • Oxyclean: Seems to be the most effective for laundry.

  • Homeopathic remedies: I saw two professionals, both of whom were extremely helpful:
    • a homeopath in SLC named Gene Harkins.
    • Dr. Amin in Scottsdale.

Initially, I didn’t believe it would be beneficial, nor did I want to, do a detoxification. But this is the only way to make progress with this condition.

I considered (actually purchased) permethrin and de-worming prescriptions. I am grateful that I reconsidered taking these.

Anyways, this is the way I am finding my way out of this nightmare. My symptoms are about a third of what they were and I only began my detox 2 weeks ago.

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May 13, 2019
House of 7 only me and 4 yr have this NEW
by: Lee

I live in sa tx which has lackland a.f.b as well as a bioreserch lab both less then 10 miles from me.lived here 36 yrs.I havent heard anyone mention kids also suffering the way my son and me are. Only me and him are infected out of 7 of us plus our dogs and cats.my sis has colitis life long sulphur scrip dad had hep took the cure pills papa has cancer

Jun 03, 2016
Morg Homeopathic Bath NEW
by: Kath

I've read these are nanotechnology/nanobots - I scoffed at the idea at first but after reading more and considering all things I think they are right - apparently we are being transformed by the powers that be w/nanos... I also read that they are made of carbon as are most things on the planet... I created a Calc Carb bath w/Carbo Veg -- by shaking a large bottle filled w/wter - added 20 pellets of carb veg and pounded it on a book 30 times and then added the Carb Veg and repeated. I then put it into the bath and you must now swirl the water so that the vibration of these homeopthics gets into the water (don't totally fill tub when doing this as it will splash over - add the rest when you're done and swirl some more). Many whitish things came out of body -- it seemed to weaken them... then later I did a foot bath as I felt some movement there -- very small white worms/a few - came out of my foot - this is the first time I've seen this - so the carbon did work... I then took a calc carb orally 30c and I felt a worm in my face cheek react to it... so I think kCalc Carb is a key homeopathic - Arsenicum kills loads of worms in skin, etc... so that's another one to try. You can also spray this mixture on your skin and add many remedies.

May 19, 2015
A useful solution to help with wounds etc.: NEW
by: Anonymous33

I was told how to make a Dakin Solution when I had a surface and systemic infection after a body cast irritation & a very dangerous infected Spine wound.

One quart sterile water,
Add in 10 to 15 drops of Chlorox (NOT the concentrated Chlorox as that can burn and/or severely dry out and stress your skin!!)
1 bottle of a Women's Personal Douche..any brand( I used Summer's Eve then switched to the Wal Mart branud which is less expensive and it works just as well).

The Dakin's is an Antisceptic wash And the added Douche is a surficant which helps wash the skin even better. I use it as a cleaner and a quick wipe down. I do Not use this solution in my hair because the Chlorox will bleach & dry out your hair' nor do I use it in my ears ....hearing damage, in or near my eyes ,or internally in my private areas because of the very fragile skin and overtime the Poisonness nature of the chlorox.

My Dermatologist put me on half tub of Luke warm water with one half cup of chlorox for a Ten Minute soak after taking a good shower.
Also from the neck down I cover my body with pyrethin cream to be left on overnight for no more than 12 hours,

This is my second Dermatologist, the first one said it was all in my head in spite of all the visual signs and problems of Morgellons...Totally Useless! if you have a Dr. That doesn't help you, Run don't walk to a new Doctor! don't waste your time or money on him!!

I am just starting treatment after 12 months of trying to handle it myself without a diagnosis.

I wish you All Kindness plus Sucess eradicating or at least controlling this horrid disease/ paracite.
Please if you have dogs or cats get them dipped then on Revolution so you aren't reinfecting each other.over and over. Imagine the pain they are in without understanding why. My sweet male cat gave this to me after rolling in the dirt when he snuck outside twice. No More R &R for him EVER!*****

Nov 24, 2013
Docs.....No Help Self Help!!!!!! NEW
by: Josephine thompson

Zap, zap, zap! That is the only way. I am at present trying anything and everything. I thought I had seen most lurgies with two sons totalling 36 years in the forces....... Scabies, crabs, beefworm, ringworm but morgellons beats them all. I have seen 5 Different Docs and not one diagnosed anything in fact the they never even got out their seats for a closer look!!!!! First I thought it was Mrsa because I had just had a blood transfusion then I thought it was scabies but when I covered the marks with a potion of permetherin and salt long black threads came out with the plaster. Next under another plaster was a blackish scsb with small tubers that was when I looked on the computer and realised the only match was MORGELLONS!!!!!!! Since that day all my clothes have been washed with Ace Gentle which is a bleach that does not remove colour. Also I have bathed in

Mar 05, 2013
Olive Leaf Herbal & Others
by: Anonymous

I have fought with this affliction for 5-6 yrs... I have had the best results from Olive Leaf 500 mg... before bed lets me have a good night sleep... they always seem to diminish after I take Olive Leaf... Also a sollution of psorinum 30-1M 8 tabs in a 8 oz bottle of water pounded on a surface about 30xs and then rubbed on skin makes them run for the hills and I believe kills the mites, insects and smaller worms...seems to fry the smaller things on the skin. If you can tolerate raw garlic crushed into the smallest mixture it kills most things on contact. Garlic oil internally has also been very helpful (just don't like the odor - so good on a day when you're staying home)...garlic is good for just about anything you can think of...super healer... also in my research found two other supplements that are very powerful...CoQ10 will clean out alot of this affliction over time, and Alpha Lipoic Acid rounds off some of the most powerful over-the-counter elements that will definately keep your body in a state of health and wears down this beast... Also homeopathically speaking, ferr phos (homeopathic iron) definately helps as does Kali Mur - I've read that these two together are as powerful as any pharma antiobiotic... Also Cina is a big worm remedy - I've read that 30 & 200 Cina fights various worms and I found them to be helpful... Sulphur homeopathic has also been recommended by a naturopath 6, 30 and higher. Good luck.

Dec 25, 2012
Killing the Little Morgies
by: Anonymous

Yes, Neem has been very helpful I found a 3x potency online even better... hydrogen peroxide kills the mites in face, I also found a shampoo and skin cleaner that have loads of Neem in them as well as other anti-parasites... as the harder I hit the body the more they run to my head...harder to kill there.

I also take COQ10 and Alpha Lipoic Acid...Garlic Oil Tablets also help 1000 mg. Get toothpaste w/Neem, COQ10 and Tea Tree oil as they camp out in mouth too. Cut sugar and carbs as much as possible...if you ate meat and veggies exclusively they would weaken considerably (and you'd lose a lot of weight too). Cina homeopathic, as well as Teucrium, are the best but also Nat Phos, Silica, Ferr Phos and Calc Carb help quite a bit and Sulphur. Good luck..

Aug 22, 2012
Morgellons Homeo
by: Anonymous

I've read online people are having success with Arsenicum 30.... 3x day for 7 days... If not try Cina 30 2x day for week

Aug 22, 2011
by: Anonymous

Please let us know what homeopathics were recommended for these disease.... Thank you

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