What Is So Itchy On My Skin?

by Dionne

What Is So Itchy On My Skin?

I am so itchy! There are no signs of red ring, small wavy lines with a pimple on the end, or marks of any kind on my skin.

It feels like there are the tiniest of mites under my skin biting me. It's everywhere from my head to my toe, simultaneously.

What is this already? I took an antihistamine, and that helped for a few hours.

Hi Dionne,

It sounds like you are having an allergic reaction to something.

Have you been in a new place, eaten a new food, or been in contact with a new chemical in soap, cleaning products, air fresheners, anything???

It's hard to pinpoint the cause, so you need to do some serious thinking.

I remember one time as a teenager I got the most horrific itchy skin all of a sudden and it drove me crazy. If I scratched, I'd come out in welts.

I ended up going to the hospital and getting a shot and was given a couple ounces of liquid to drink and it all went away within about 30 minutes.

The doctor said it was an allergy to perhaps a weed or something. My mom and I ended up thinking it through and determined that I must have been allergic to a chemical in Deep Woods Off bug spray.

I never used the spray again and I never had the reaction again, so I think we may have been correct. :)

If this is just a sudden itch that has come upon you and not something that has been gradually getting worse, my best guess is that you've come across something that you're allergic too.

If you can figure out what it might be and avoid it, it will probably work it's way out of your system with a few antihistamines.

By the way, raw honey is a natural antihistamine. If you have any from your local area, even better. You can eat a teaspoon from time to time and that might help with the itching.

Something else that may be of help is to try adding some raw (organic) apple cider vinegar to a warm bath, or just rub it directly on your skin.

Sorry I can't offer you more advice than that. I hope you can find out the cause. If you don't get relief, consider seeing a doctor.

To your good health!

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