What kind of worm or insect is this?

by Davasha Nimmer
(Bastrop, Louisiana, USA)

What kind of worm or insect is this?

I have a light-brown worm that is as thin as a strand of hair and feels hard to the touch.

I found it on my curtain and I thought it was dead. I put alcohol on it because it wouldn't die when I tried to kill it but that only immobilized it for a minute.

I have placed it in a small plastic bag and thought if I placed some water in it that it would die, but its actually kinda smart and still moving around.

I don't want to leave it in there alive but I don't want to kill it just in case there is something that may be wrong with me if I have been bitten or there was another one.

So, could please help me out with identifying this?

Hi Davasha,

Unfortunately, we are not equipped to identify worm or insect samples. It was very quick thinking on your part to capture this creature and save it as a specimen in case the need arose for identification.

My suggestion would be to contact your local cooperative extension office in Louisiana and ask them if they would be able to identify it for you. You can look for further information regarding this at the Louisiana State University website.

If you are able to find out more specifics on what kind of worm or insect this is, I'd enjoy hearing of you findings. Come back and give us an update.

Kind regards,

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Aug 03, 2015
Help me n my baby NEW
by: Amber

I have this worm like things I n my skin toes and feet my 3 mounth old baby has sbeen jumping and crying and has the same symptoms too the dr at the er thinks its craddle cap I know better I went to my dr first they gave me 5 pills it was a dewormer omg im so scared please help us my baby daddy things im crazy even though he seen some he thinks im ubsessed

Sep 12, 2011
i need to know what this is too
by: Angela

I really want to know what this is--I think I've seen the same thing! Have you found out?

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