What Laid Eggs In My Heel?

by Christie

What was it that laid its eggs in my heel?

I recently returned from being at Cape Cod - on the beach, in the ocean, walking along a grassy driveway to and from the bungalow where I slept on a foam mattress on the floor.

On my first night home, I discovered two small bumps on my heel. They were a little scabby and blistery - but did not itch.

When I put pressure on one, a small white egg sack (I guess) popped out. The same thing happened with the other bump. I treated both spots with soap and water and then bactine.

Each spot has now heeled over with a little scab (approximately 1/8 inch long) that looks like a short incision. The two spots were side by side - about 1/2 inch apart - and initially looked like small punctures.

What did this? And should I be concerned about anything at this time?

Thank you,

Hi Christie,

Lucky you to spend some time on Cape Cod! :)

What made you think they were egg sacks? Were they soft and squishy like a spider sack? Did you actually see the eggs, or are you just guessing?

Could it have been a piece of shell or coral (do they have coral at Cape Cod?) that may have gotten embedded under the skin, much like a splinter?

If something did indeed lay eggs in your heel (which is,
of course, a possibility) I don't know what it might have been. It really could have been a spider of some sort, or a parasite (although they usually do cause itching).

The fact that you got them out early and that your foot seems to be scabbing over and healing is definitely a good sign.

Personally, I wouldn't worry about it unless you have a further reaction - infection, itching, etc.

To be on the safe side, you could always just start taking some extra probiotics for a few weeks to keep your immune system boosted if you're afraid it may have left some toxins or even parasites in your system.

Probiotics are, of course, the natural good bacteria that we need in our body to help ward off any invading infections, fungus, parasites, bacteria, etc.

They are things like acidophilus, bifidum, longum, etc. Usually people are familiar with the probiotics found in yogurt (the organic kind without all the sugar in it).

You can usually buy a good quality probiotic at your local health food store. Ask the owner. If you want to order online, I recommend Florafood.

It doesn't sound like you'll have any further trouble from whatever it was that laid its eggs in your heal, but do let me know if you do. I'll recommend a good parasite cleanse for you if you end up feeling like you need one.

To your good health!
Angie from allaboutparasites.com

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Mar 15, 2012
Hookworm Through The Feet NEW
by: Angie

I can't say for sure, but there is a good chance that what you experienced biting you on the foot while on the beach in Malta was a hookworm.

It is quite common to contract hookworm through the feet while walking along the beach in a tropical or subtropical climate.

If you think this may be what you have, you can either get a prescription to treat it, or you can use a natural herbal cleanse like Herbal Fiberblend to get rid of the hookworm infection.

Even if it's not hookworm, the HFB is a good cleanse for a wide range of parasites, so it's still a good option for you to consider.

Whatever you do, don't just let it go. They can breed and grow in your system and end up making you feel pretty sick, causing numerous health issues.

Mar 14, 2012
Something in my foot? NEW
by: Anonymous

I recently went to Malta, and was on the beach. I was just standing on the sand, when I felt something really sting my foot. I was hoping about for a bit, then I looked at my foot and could see some black fibre/something sticking out, so I tried to pull it out. It was impossible, and it quickly went inside my foot and healed over. I now have massive itching in my foot. It was a hard lump and now it's spreading. What could this be? Could some insect with a black leg have gone in my foot?

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