White Bug Which Burrows Into Skin

by Barbara
(San Rafael, CA USA)

Is there a six legged white bug which burrows into skin?

I pulled a white bug out of one of my mom's moles this evening. It looked like it was upside down and had six legs.

It was white and left a red indentation about the size of a quarter as well as blood around the area.

I got it off with a Kleenex soaked in alcohol. It didn't look like a tick (I've pulled those off mom before).

The bug itself was white with six legs, I think, and about the size of the end of coax cable.

Hi Barbara,

Was the bug engorged with blood? I've seen some ticks that were whitish looking (or at least a pale grey), so don't let the color fool you.

If you are sure it wasn't a tick, then it may well be some other white bug which burrows into skin.

People are always asking us about the specifics of what kind of parasite or bug they may be dealing with, but there are SO MANY (around 300) possibilities that I can't identify them apart from the most common and obvious ones.

There are usually agricultural schools or centers in each region that would be better equipped to examine and identify specific bugs and parasites. If you are eager to make an identification of this particular white bug which burrows into skin, that's where I'd suggest you try.

The main purpose of allaboutparasites.com is to help people get a general understanding of the fact that we are subject to so many different parasites, bacteria, viruses, and toxins in our daily lives and how to take steps to cleanse the body naturally so that we can enjoy better quality of life.

A good digestive cleanse at least once a year is an excellent idea for everyone paired with replenishing the body with good bacteria and nourishing the immune system with high quality nutrition.

If you do locate a specific ID on this particular white bug, I'd love to hear your findings.

To your good health (and your mom's)!

Comments for White Bug Which Burrows Into Skin

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Dec 30, 2021
I Don’t Even Know Where to Start NEW
by: Lauren

I guess the beginning is the logical place to start. I have been suffering with these ‘Things,’ for 7 years now. I can’t believe it’s been that long. I have not had a normal life since. My relationships with friends and family are basically non-existent now, because of this affliction that nobody that I have talked to is willing to be open minded enough to understand. Sometimes I feel like these ‘Things,’ are purposefully doing everything they can to bring me deeper and deeper in to negative thinking, depression, anxiety, withdrawing, obsessing. The more of this negative behavior I carry out the worse the condition is, but do not let that fool you. This is all but in the head.
I have Serbs these ‘things,’ manifest in to so many different bugs or living creatures if some sort, worms, etc. I have so many pictures and videos of this happening that I would be more than happy to post here or show anyone who wants to see. I have a good quality microscope and have been hellbent on figuring out what is. Gosh, I have so much information it’s difficult to sum this up. Ok, here goes… the following is my personal opinion related to the facts that have presented themselves to me. There are thousands, millions possibly of these tiny microscopic white things that are like little Dirac some as big as a period at the end of a sentence, others so small it’s difficult to recognize them with my 100x microscope, but they all seem to be on the same level as far as maturity. For a while it appeared to me that there were things existing, that I was seeing, that just could not be possible. For example, the clear bugs that the man, who I do not think is insane whatsoever, saw in his mole. Those seemed to be everywhere and also very large creatures of the same type. I know how crazy this sounds, but just please keep an open mind. Remember, I do have photographs and videos of everything I am talking about. These things are very intelligent. They work together in a way that seems impossible, as if they were one. That is where the invisible or clear bugs come in. If you are dealing with something that you can clearly feel on your skin or in your hair but you can not see it, doctors think you are crazy, etc. etc. I urge you to invest in an infrared flood light. Hook it up, aim it at yourself and take out your cell phone camera. You just might find that what was once invisible is how visible. There is a less expensive way but you have to have an iPhone with face recognition.,You can use the infrared light on the front of your phone along with an app called Scandly. The effect is not near as clear as what you would get with a floodlight, but it does make these things vísable.
I know this is disorganized and I doesn’t make much sense. If you want to know more… Lauren258000@yahoo.com

Nov 05, 2021
Tiny off white bug infestation that burrows into skin
by: Rick

My 400 square foot apartment is infested with these bugs. They are in my hair, eyebrows, mustache, face, ears, armpits, and crouch area moving around like lice.
Around 80 tiny to medium size bites around my neck. The medium size bites creating a skin tag with an egg and sometimes bug inside. This is also arm-pit and crouch area. Also tiny bites around where the crease in my arm and forearms where your arm bends (other side of elbow).
I feel them jumping onto my feet and ankles as I stand around my apartment with no socks on.
This bug infestation started about 7/1/2021
Some things I have tried to kill them with:
Foggers, one time I used pest control, ortho home defense, Lice shampoos, Doctor prescriptions, rubbing alcohol 70% 91%, Vinegar, Ammonia, Arid extra dry, tea tree shampoo, vacuum cleaner, laundry. I have my own washer and dryer. I keep my dirty laundry separated in new plastic bags always.
The weather is getting cold hopefully between the cold and humidity they will die.
luckily I am retired and I stay home so not to infect others with this nasty tiny bug. 11/5/2021 and still trying to find something to kill them.

May 17, 2021
Small white skin burrowing bugs NEW
by: Dominic

I believe I have the same or a similar condition. They are very small (but can be seen by the naked eye) white bugs. They do not change color, they burrow in you epidermis, they seem to prefer upper and lower extremities and are nocturnal. I've only contracted them while I was sleeping. They leave an itchy red bump on you skin and if you put lotion on your skin and then take a credit card and scrape the location, you will find a white shiny bug. They come in different sizes, but the larger ones clearly have hairy legs. I am thinking they are some kind of bird mite. I actually got them last night and will be visiting my PCP for evaluation today.

Feb 19, 2021
Mole or Doorway
by: Bart

Normal looking mole that sometimes feels tickled. When recorded, with cell phone, magnified and then watched magnified (it seems 4X rec./4X play is best for me). An alien landscape is in place of your skin. See thru creatures are about, Ive noticed 5 or 6 types.(yes I took a trip one time and the last thing I remember was typing this,lol)
Anyway the mole changes little by little, from the skin line to the top of its self. Almost like its unlocking or locking itself. A creature will either come out or crawl in. This enter/exit seems continous as far as i can tell. With my other issues this seems normal and not threating to me?
I have had the mole for 10 yrs ,6 months ago is when I discovered my insanity. ('insane' try stopping your play, then go frame to frame)

May 05, 2013
White Bed Bugs NEW
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

I'm not familiar with any white bed bugs nor any mites that are the consistency of salt. I don't think you're crazy, but I can't specifically identify what you are dealing with based on your description.

I DO know that some of the medications they prescribe for anxiety, etc., can have side effects that make you feel like you've got bugs biting you. Have you only started experiencing this since you've been taking those meds or were you dealing with it before that?

Try adding about 20 drops of clove oil to your washing machine when washing your bed linen and blankets.

You can also make up a spray bottle of water and clove oil so that you can spray the linen lightly before bed.

Let us know if that helps.

May 04, 2013
Help! Small white bug under skin! NEW
by: Anonymous

Tiny white bugs in bed only. Consistency of salt. Biting me. When I scratch, tiny white particle is inside. Mark left is large and painful. Have three animals, all checked by vet and free of fleas and ticks. They are not bothered by these things. I have cleaned and used Lysol and fabric cleaners. Do not want to use pesticide unless absolutely necessary. Are these bed bugs? Mites? Am I nuts? I do have anxiety and OCD, but, am in treatment and taking meds.

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