White Spots

by Victoria

I have noticed a few months ago that I have white spots on the the back of my thighs and round my private areas where the skin is thin.

Once I tried to pinch one of them I realized that it was not a simple spot. It was a circular white thing that looked like a tiny larva, and the place that I pinched it from was bleeding quite a lot, as if it was a bite of some sort.

Now I have more of them.

What is it? How can I stop it??

Dear Victoria,

It's really difficult to pinpoint what may be the cause of these white spots you are seeing on your legs and elsewhere.

Instead of being bites from some bug or mite, it could be a type of skin rash that is from toxins in your body that your body is working to eliminate.

The white larvae like substance you are seeing could be sebum from your glands in a condition known as keratosis pilaris.

I believe that you should always cleanse the inside when you are also having external skin conditions - as that is usually the underlying source of the problem.

Because of that, I would cleanse with Herbal Fiberblend and take some probiotics, like Florafood.

Also, dietary changes should help if you are not already following a very healthy diet. By that I mean cutting out most sugars and processed foods and even minimizing your dairy intake. Many people find that supplementing with Barley Life powder or capsules is also extremely helpful.

Finally, you can try making up your own homemade cream to treat the keratosis pilaris (if that is what you have) by combining the following ingredients:

4 oz of organic coconot oil
1 table spoon of soy lecithin (emulsifier)
4 oz of organic apple cider vinegar

Apply this to your skin daily and see if you don't notice a difference within a couple of weeks.

I hope you will come back and let us know if it has helped you and if your white spots have gone or improved.

To your good health!

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