Wholeness of Body, Spirit, & Soul

by Rebecca

Wonderfully put! It was a surprise & a blessing to see this information about cleansing your heart on an international natural health web site! I'm sure it has touched many hearts!

Keep up the good work, for God does care about our wholeness of body, spirit & soul!

God bless,

Thanks, Becca, for your encouraging words. It IS my prayer that my testimony of how the Lord saved me would be a help to others around the globe and that some may be drawn to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as a result.

I feel it would be a real shame to try to help someone with their physical health and well-being, and then not help them with their spiritual health and well-being.

No matter how healthy we try to be in this life, using safe and natural ingredients, eating right, etc., we are ALL going to die one day. We need to be prepared for the next life, too.

If I can help someone to gain wholeness of body, spirit, and soul and have the peace of knowing they are ready for eternity, I feel truly blessed.

Thanks again for your sweet comments.

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