Will Morgellons ever be considered a real condition?

by Ali
(Davis, CA USA)

Will Morgellons ever be considered a real condition?

Hi, my name is Ali. I am almost 41 and I am having a serious problem. It began over a year ago when I started getting lesions along my jawline and chin. I also had a few on my chest and thighs.

They looked like those huge deep zits that never come to a head. Unfortunately, these erupted into oozy red swollen lesions. I never tried to pop them or bug them, they just opened on their own.

When I looked closely, the lesions were shaped like a horseshoe or leaves on a clover. After a month of not getting better I saw my primary doctor, he prescribed an antibiotic (keflex) and an antibacterial ointment. I had a slight relief that only lasted while I was on antibiotics.

I decided to try and help myself and I started taking apple vinegar baths, using tea tree, taking a colon clense, a probiotic, an anti-fungal and garlic.

Things only got worse. I was feeling the crawlys and these weird thread balls started appearing on my skin. I could see a tiny dark spot and if I pulled it a ball would come out of my skin.

Under a magnifying glass they looked like perfectly made little nests or woven together balls. You could also see pieces of skin all over it.

The lesions got so bad that I refused to leave my house. Both sides of my face were covered in oozing, wet, red swollen wounds. I returned to my doctor who referred me to a dermatologist.

Because I thought I had seen tiny white worms in some of the lesions I was rushed in. The dermatologist listened to my husband and I explain the problem, she barely looked at my skin and sent me home with instructions to wash with dove soap and smear Vaseline on all the lesions.

She felt that I had been scratching my face and bacteria had transferred from my nails to my skin. We told her I hadn't been itching and in fact I had been sleeping with socks on my hands as not to accidentally touch my face. She just shrugged.

I continued on for several more months and was again put on antibiotics, this time bactramyicin.

Slight improvement while on antibiotics. The lesions continued to appear and spread on my face chest and thighs.

About 3-4 months ago My husband suddenly started breaking out in lesions in both corners of mouth and under his chin also his neck chest and arms.

Our doctor and the dermatologist thought it might be scabies. Our family did the cream treatment. We also replaced our mattresses pillows and bedding at a great expense. My days were spent cleaning and sanitizing.

As of this time, the lesions are still appearing and I have hideous scars. We are itching worse than ever and our entire family has screwed up nasal passages.

I know this is rude but I haven't had bugars In my nose in months. When we try to use the sinus wash bottle we can't get the saline to pass thru to the other nostril, complete blockage.

However, we don't have any congestion or breathing problems. I do get a horrible itchy feeling like a bug is in my nose so I use a q-tip to itch inside. When I look at the Q-tip it has numerous black and occasionally red little fibers on it, but they are not hairs.

I also have heartburn all the time. I feel like something is blocking my throat. I also get white pulp like things on my tongue.

My eyes are blurry and sore. I constantly see white hairlike worms or threads on my skin. I also can see black and red fibers. They look like little microscopic colored threads all over me, especially in my nostrils.

I swear I see little clear or white leaches or flukes from my lesions and nose. The fluke looking things have red or brown insides, the critter is clear but the insides are visible.

The doctors think I'm nuts and keep trying to put me on anti-depressants. I don't take them because I know this is something real. I don't know if this is a parasite or a fungus or
what but I'm going out of my mind, mainly due to lack of sleep.

At night the crawling feeling is horrible. We are showering like crazy because cool water is the only thing that helps.

Every time I try to look up my symptoms I only get referred to Morgellons. I want it to be something else so I can get treatment for it.

We are a very rational easy going family. We have had very few medical problems in the past. I am not a person that freaks out about things. I have decided several times just to live with this and stop stressing, but then another family member has problems and I start researching all over.

It's a vicious circle. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Will the medical field ever take Morgellons seriously or is it beyond their abilities? Sorry I'm so cynical, but I'm tired of Doctors looking at me like I'm nuts.

I had nice skin before and now I look like I've been in a fire. Both sides of my face are badly scarred and if you look closely, the scars are perfect "C's" and circles. Very gross. I thank you for all your help.

Dear Ali,

My heart aches for you. We are the same age, and I have great sympathy for your situation.

Will Morgellons ever be considered a real condition? I don't know. I sure hope so because it seems it's becoming more and more widespread and people really need some help.

You mentioned that you have used a colon cleanse, a probiotic, an anti-fungal and garlic. Can you tell me more about this? What specific products did you use? How long did you persevere with them?

It's possible that you started to feel worse because your body was going through the necessary detoxification and die-off process.

When you are using natural remedies, it is not unusual for you to feel worse before you feel better. If you are using top quality supplements and are able to hang in there through the roughest bits to let your body cleanse and regain control, you will have a better chance of recovery, in my opinion.

There is no supposed "cure" for Morgellons specifically, although some people have found different therapies helpful. One of the more expensive therapies that I've read about that has been having a measure of success is Infrared Sauna. You can purchase your own at Global Healing Center if it's something your family can afford.

Ali, I wish I could offer you a quick sure-fire remedy. I want so much to help you and your family.

Unfortunately, all I can do is share with you the basic understanding I have of how the body works. We are all different, but we have basic physiology that is essentially the same.

For almost any ailment the following principles can be applied...

  • Cleanse
  • Replenish
  • Nourish

A good cleanse should take you at least 3 months.

While cleansing, you want to replenish the good bacteria in your body. That's the main purpose of probiotics. Get a good quality combo and take it faithfully.

Nourish! Nourish! Nourish! One of the most overlooked parts of the healing process is the need for a tremendous amount of good nutrition.

God made our bodies in a really remarkable fashion. They are designed to heal, fight infections, remove toxins, etc. BUT, they can only do this when they are given the nutritional resources to do so.

I believe it is vital to add some high quality nutritional whole food supplements to your daily regimen to give your body the best chance of repairing and building up healthy cells.

Here's what I'd use:
  • Para 90
  • Herbal Fiberblend
  • Florafood
  • AIMega
  • Garden Trio
  • Proancynol 2000

Plan on a long siege, rather than a quick victory. I wish I could PROMISE you that if you follow this protocol you will definitely get rid of your current health issues. I can't.

I can only tell you that I firmly believe that these are excellent choices in providing the body with genuinely helpful assistance and can give you an affordable and safe option for self treatment.

Please keep me posted on your progress. You and your family will be in my prayers.

To your good health!

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Apr 20, 2020
by: Amanda Moriarty

For well over 3 years now my skin has been detiorating, and I had no idea what was wrong with me. I now believe I have Morgellons disease. It started with sores on my face which wouldn't heal..at first I thought it was ingrown hairs. I have had blood tests return results of Staph and anemia, so for the past few years I have only been prescribed antibiotics, stronger and stronger doses each time to clear my chronic skin condition or acne ( so it's been called) and to wash in surgical scrub. I would see fine hair like fibres coming out of the sores and would pick them out.. so at first I would explain my condition as Staph infected ingrown hairs.. then I believed to have seen Worm like things coming from the infection and visible hairs could be seen under my skin, that would move. I was told it was just my rotting flesh due to my Staph infection. Fast forward over 3 years of horrible skin infections and ongoing health issues and continual Dr appointments and the condition continues only so much worse. My once lovely skin is now infested with white worms, that are easily visible without using a magnifying glass. I have seen so many different types of foreign things come out of my skin, hairs with eggs on the end, hard black eggs,white worms, clear Worms, pieces of what looks and feels like wire, and alien like parasitic bugs with many hair fibres coming off them,that burrow into my skin.I have only managed to remove a few of them as they quickly tunnel back under my skin, once disturbed. So many creepy sticky hairy like legs clinging and digging into my skin, making it impossible to remove them before the disappear back under my skin. They are like nothing I have ever seen, at first I thought I was imagining it.. I have kept bits and pieces of things that had come out of my skin, to prove to family members that I was telling the truth.. nobody actually believed me until just recently.. I have been trying all kinds of ways to rid my body of them. I had a hole in my neck so deep it penetrated the facia layer( 1.1cm deep)was told it was a chronic wound and that I had probably picked up a bad bacteria similar to school sores.I now believe after much research, and reading exact same experiences from others, that it is Morgellons.. this is such a huge relief to know that I'm not going crazy and finally have some answers.. Nobody believed my story until now. I am immediately going to try the idea's and treatments suggested on this site as I am so very sick and tired of my skin being so ugly, sore and ithchy.. I have had to go from my full-time job to a casual position due to always having time off because of my condition. It would start to clear up, so I thought, although the empty holes remained in my skin,..they would soon become filled and infected and filled with pus and white worm like things and become so sore. Skin will lump up around the outside of the sore, and become hard( I used to think it was scarring), but just recently I noticed that it moves under my skin.. I really hope I can rid my body of this painful and relentless infestation of horrific parasites.

Apr 03, 2016
Cure for meggellons
by: Rhonda

Drink 2tsp of Baking soda in cup of water this will kill them on the inside.soak in baking soda at least 30 min ,you'll see flakes and junk float of fang feel bubbling sensational on with diahrea.repeat process 3 days in a row.treat family ,pets,home and cars the same.Then give God the glory.1$curecattle

Aug 16, 2011
OMG! FINALLY I know what is wrong!
by: ML

Thank you for sharing your story! I have EXACTLY the same symptoms! I am also 41 years old have horrible scars on my face, started around my chin area also, and am so tired of not being believed! This has been going on for at least 8 years! Have been hopeless! Can not afford all this cleansing stuff, Went to travel clinic Dr. today. She spent 2 hours with me as I have traveled to many 3rd world countries. Although she took many labs and tests, do not feel hopeful. She seemed to think I was just pronr to staph infections etc. etc. etc. I'm so tired, so drained, and so alone. I used to be pretty. this has affected my entire life. Thank God I found this site. I will continue to read. Don't know what else to do... Please keep sharing. Love to you all xoxo

Oct 11, 2010
Glad you are finding ways to cope...
by: Angie

"...there is one theory that this problem comes from an agrobacteria..."

That actually makes sense as a possibility. The reason I say that is because of the widespread nature of this condition.

It doesn't seem to be confined to a particular geographical location or specific "type" of person. People are reporting from all over the world (mostly the western world) of the various symptoms. Our food sources are so global these days that it is very possible as a likely carrier.

Thank you for sharing your tips on what has helped and worked for you to get some relief. Some of the dear people who are writing in are suffering terribly and any positive feedback is welcome.

For your own situation, I wonder if you have tried a natural digestive cleanse to help alleviate your bowel issues. Herbal Fiberblend is pretty gentle yet effective and you may find it will be of great benefit to you in continuing to improve your condition.

To your good health!

Oct 10, 2010
is there a doctor in the house?
by: Help U. Self

I went to a doctor who was supposed to be a top diagnostician. He said that the word morgellons is synonymous with "crazy". I suggest that in order to get the medical community to take this horrible disease seriously, it might require a new name....

Colloidal silver helped stop the itching/crawling at night. So did Jason's dandruff shampoo. It makes you cold though so use a good heater. I switched to using medical drapes after I got the message that I no longer had much energy left, and also that I needed to change the sheets every day. No more cotton, as the imported cotton is infested with mites and other critters that I now seem allergic to....

The labs on average do not work well for stool samples... another doctor explained why, its because no one likes processing those, they prefer to do blood, so the samples sit in the queue way too long. also the ones doing it are usually newcomers to the lab, or inexperienced. Use metamatrix laboratory.

It also helps to get some diatomacious earth, and you can mix up a paste and smear that on before bed, also I spray tea tree oil as well as use long hot baths that help remove them from the skin. not sure how to get them from the body.

am taking enzymes, hoping that will help until there is some better cure, but the fact is they seem to adapt to whatever it is after a while.
the doc that recommended metamatrix said i should be taking a LOT of vitamin D, and vitamin C right now, as well as COLLOSTRUM and other probiotics. Most important to take the probiotics several times a day rather than a big dose in one setting.

i moved to a place with no carpets, where we can use PINE SOL to clean the floors. I got rid of all cotton clothing, as it had something in it that was biting me, I could see the blood marks where it felt like there was a sting.

I have these spider like veins showing up underneath the skin. no longer have the fibers much, just occasionally. but another doc i wen to, who has seen approx 30 peopel with this, said these fibers were very tough, that they tried to take one out of someone and they were pulling with all their might and it was just dimpling at the other end of his body. so we need to dissolve them....

i have a lot of diarrea. my guts bother me a lot. i can't eat hardly anything i used to. it happened after spending time in the midwest, where 97% of all the corn has been treated with GMO. the smart doctor, with the good labs, said there is one theory that this problem comes from an agrobacteria.

Aug 06, 2010
by: dzana

pls try morgellons.org.uk there is a lady that can give you more details in regards to what morgellons is and she got much better without Dr Staninger - I must say not everyone can afford Dr Staninger and she is a living proof as well as some other peoplE who got better by following some not expensive protocols


May 19, 2010
Will Morgellons ever be considered a real condition...
by: Suzanne

I must respond to Ali. I have dealt with morgellons for nearly 4 years now and there finally is hope which i only recently found out about. Ali, please go to healinggrapevine.com. Dr Hildegard Staninger has been doing research on morgellons for several years now and, so far, she has cured 156 people. They will guide you thru the process with alot of loving support and real help. I see many people write in to allaboutparasites.com and, i can tell from their symptoms, that they have this terrible disease. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the usual parasite treatments will not work for morgellons even though it presents itself as only a parasite. Dr Staninger is the only person i know of that can truly help you get completely healed from this.
Thank you, Suzanne

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