Worm In My Eyebrows

by Bobbi
(Hudson, FL, USA)

Going Crazy For Over A Year!

Going Crazy For Over A Year!

I have what seems like a worm in my eyebrows.

It is slimy feeling and hooks itself to my skin by means of little clips and a series of what I only can describe as straight pins which I get stuck in my fingers.

These worms are very tenacious critters and when I get rid of the worms in my brow another comes right there immediately.

My skin has blobs of slime and is so slippery and oily. I have tried alcohol, rubbing it into my skin and also pure apple cider vinegar, but they reappear almost immediately.

They have a potty smell about them. IT IS AWFUL!

I have them in my nose, eyes, and some times my mouth. I have had these for so long now I am going insane with them.

I also have round rubbery blobs that come from under my skin. There are hundreds of them at a time and slide down my face and neck, into my ears and mouth.

I do not sleep at night anymore, spending hours upon hours trying to expel them from my face.

Lately I notice the worms are extending into my scalp.



Thank you ever so much.

Hi Bobbi,

I hope you come back and look for your answer because you didn't leave a notification email.

I'm terribly sorry to hear that you have been suffering for so long with this worm in your eyebrows concern. If you've been battling it
for over a year, there's little doubt that it has grown into a serious condition that needs aggressive and prolonged action.

I can't tell you what it is you're dealing with, but I can tell you what I would do if I were in your shoes. I've given this suggestion to various people throughout the site, so I won't go into all the detailed explanations again here on this page (unless you ask some follow-up questions).

Instead, I'll just cut to the chase and tell you what I believe is best to use to get rid of the problem based on your description:

  • Composure - to help you sleep and reduce your anxiety
  • Herbal Fiberblend - to cleanse and detoxify your body internally
  • Barley Life - to strengthen and support your immune system
  • AIMega - to balance and support your immune system
  • Florafood - to replenish the good bacteria in your body

That may seem like a lot, but you said you've been dealing with these worms in your eyebrows and the slimy, oily blobs on your skin for over a year.

You need to be really aggressive in tackling the problem if you want the quickest and best chance of getting yourself sorted out.

Since you're in Florida, use this US Order Form and get the wholesale prices.

If you haven't already tried sea salt in your bathwater, you may want to do so. The sea salt can benefit and improve your skin externally while you are doing all the good stuff for your insides.

Hoping to hear you found your way back here, followed the above protocol, and are good as new, sooner rather than later.

To your good health,
Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Comments for Worm In My Eyebrows

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Jul 19, 2022
Sweet wormwood
by: Ram

Okay first off if you have a parasite chances are they're feeding off of something in the body cuz the house is the body you know cleanliness people always think it's your house that you live in and yes maybe but you know it that's where they can go to but it's primarily what's in your body. If you have high anxiety levels if you have sugar issues if you have cancer treatment such as radiation parasites love you because they're going to feed off of that they're doing you a favor. What they do is they'll feed off of that because in their inners they have a substance called Wachovia I spelled it wrong but anyhow it's like a bacteria and it breaks down cortisol and adrenaline and all the stuff that we might generate in excess so like if you have a severe anxiety your body is going to create a lot of cortisol and it's hard to break that down okay later on in life you can get things like rheumatoid arthritis you can get considerable hearing loss with tinnitus causes adrenal fatigue things like that but it also attracts parasites it has a smell like you stated so the idea is to get rid of whatever chemical it is in your body that they're feeding off of and also of course get rid of the the critters I would recommend sweet wormwood oil..oregano oil(cautioning burns) or clove .. as far as from the skin but you also got to treat the digestion cuz if you've got it in your skin more than likely it's going to be in some other part of the body the blood the brain the lungs the esophagus or the nose the sinuses also your fingernails wash your hands in excess because under your fingernails you're going to have eggs if you are a mom that takes care of toddlers outside that play outside in the dirt if you change diapers you know you're going to have some type of parasite. Another good one is chondroitin chondroitin is something that they found in people who have been able to keep parasites at Bay or keep them the numbers lower they find they have a lot of that chemical so there is something to that. I promise it's very rare to not get exposure to helmets and hookworm and thread worms and stuff because they're out in the soil if you have a break in your skin on your foot and you're grounding outside you know you're walking around Barefoot and especially if you're stressed out you're stressed out stuff's going to get in and all humans have parasites it's just our immune system keeps them in check in fact all mammals have parasites it's just their immune system keeps them in check and it does seem to follow things like testosterone and cortisol and you know mating there's all kinds of stuff that goes along with that and parasites so check out Rachel Arthur she's a great worm Whisperer

Sep 27, 2021
smoke THIS NEW
by: rupert

To the dufus who says "stop smoking crack " to a desperate patient seeking help :

Smoke THIS, asswipe : I went to more than 4 different MDs, here in Thailand, for answers and treatment regarding somewhat hard-to-measure signs of an infestation , of some sort, in my eyes.

After nearly a YEAR of trying to deal with it myself, due to bogus diagnoses and hospitals' unwillingness to see anyone---cz, u know, corona is the number 1 killer , after all ---- I went at last to a concerned MD at a reputable hospital. He took blood tests, which were sent out to a specialty lab, and we found I have, in fact, a potentially dangerous roundworm infection. I'm now on meds for it , but the point is. . . It was not psychosis or neurosis either.
Before u decide to try to label people, get your shit together, do some research and stfu before spouting off about how "crazed" people are . . . .

Jul 20, 2020
Parasitic infections
by: Sue

I'm suffering from a number of symptoms including:

•Initial itchy, burning, stinging sensation.

•Area of skin becomes red, small bumps appear.

•Short time later a lesion appears.

•Lesions gradually grow, in a circle, an outer wall develops behind which the skin hold the "infected" cells.

•Eventually the lesions irritate you so much that you remove the scab and break the outer wall to just get relief.

•A variety of "cellular" material can be squeezed or tweezed out of the lesion.

• The skin is also full of black, red, blue and white fibers that appear to be produced by the body and pushed up through the skin until they fall out or are pulled out. It is very difficult to see these without a microscope.

•The skin also has now begun to grow "fake hair " which moves on its own.

Jun 13, 2019
Facial, ear and scalp worms
by: Dagwood

I had the same issue from sleeping with my dog in the bed, He eats cat doo doo, puts his nose right up to another dogs doo doo and inhales it, he cannot be unattended outside as result.
I began pulling various worms from my nose and ears, at night I had the sound of a thousand crickets in my ears as well as cellophane crinkling.
I took generic liquid praziquantel and mixed in a small amount of DMSO solvent and applied it up my nose, in my ears and around my gums and expelled all manner of stinking wormy slime with some of the worms still intact. As a result my sinus problem vanished as did the chorus of crickets, it was the greatest health improvement of my life and my missing right eye brow grew back within a few months.
The Medical Industrial Complex feigns ignorance on the subject of the human parasite condition but makes far too much money from treating the symptoms to ever tackle it at its source, as they know they could if they so chose.

Jan 05, 2019
I understand. NEW
by: Krow

I have been suffering with the same type of complaints for over ten years. Talk to your primary care doctor. Tell him/her that you want a referral to a specialist in Atlanta, Georgia. That’s where the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is located. There are many specialists in that area, and many state on their websites that they worked at the CDC for a spell. Get on the computer and get the name, address, phone and fax numbers of 2 or 3 doctors. Give that info to your primary care doctor. Don’t wait. Do it now. You are likely to hear some unpleasant comments along the way; such as, "You need to see a psychiatrist." Be tough. Stay strong. Do not doubt your own judgment about your own body. YOU know YOU better than anyone else on earth. If you don’t mind, I will be praying for you. Your fellow-sufferer, Krow

Oct 14, 2018
If filariasis... NEW
by: ParasiteKiller

If Chatlotte's assesment is accurate, three drugs used together (diethylcarbamazine with ivermectin and albendezole) are now (2018) considered the most effective treatment. diethyl is usually worked slowly/gradually up in dosage from low amounts as its ability to kill filaria can cause rapid toxic die off of parasites.

an antibiotic is also usually added such as doxycycline or azithramycin

of course you should use a doctor for any treatment and this is in no way a diagnosis or trrearment recommendation - just information sharing

Oct 14, 2018
Biofilms NEW
by: ParasiteKiller

The slim is likely biofilm - Biofilms are common to many parasites acting as protection and a highway for growth.

Grapefruit seed extract is a natural biofilm buster often included in Morgellons and other Lyme related co-infections.

If you can get to a LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor), I would do so as a first step - iGenex lab testing for Lyme is one of few labs that will find Lyme Disease (base testing done by most labs is worthless and often misses detecting Lyme).

Don't let others slap a delusional diagnosis on you - the chances of that being accurate is slim.

If it turns out not to be Lyme/Morgellons, then an LLMD might be able to treat you for other parasitic infections or refer you to one who will.

Sep 18, 2018
The Dangers of Pretending to be a Psychiatrist NEW
by: Charlotte

There are skin worms that are very difficult to see. The symptoms this woman describes are definitely caused by parasites. Most likely, since she mentions, specifically, the terrible smell, filarial worms. They live below the surface of the skin, but the females emerge to lay eggs and the larvae use the nose, ears, and mouth to enter the body. They carry a bacteria called Wucheria bancrofti and it has a horrible odor.
The activity of the females and larvae is so distressing and irritating to the host that when the worms reach a considerable population density, it is virtually impossible to do anything at all.
And the odds of being misdiagnosed or completely dismissed as delusional are high. Unless you see a specialist, and not even a dermatologist, but infectious disease doc, or maybe a university professor of Molecular Parasitology and Vector Biology, you're looking at a protracted period of unnecessary suffering. Doctors don't really have the proper training to diagnose parasites, but, worst of all, they have even less inclination towards doing so. Because they miss the swelling numbers of patients suffering from infestations, they are under the false impression it isn't common, thus, forcing them to keep to a list of other more common diagnoses. There are so many other issues that have the exact same symptoms, called differential diagnoses, that these parasites elude eradication to dangerous degrees.
Filarial worms cannot be cured with conventional medicine, but can be controlled with proper management. A course of doxycycline will kill the bacteria and stop the females breeding. This eases the symptoms considerably and further treatment with Ivermectin and diethylcarbamazine can help eliminate a large percentage of them, but rarely clears the individual completely. Some patients respond poorly and see little improvement.
The distress and anxiety caused by this condition, especially when misdiagnosed, is so consuming that even though it doesn't begin as a psychiatric issue, after extensive suffering, it could easily become one. It is a real, physical, parasitic infection and CAN be diagnosed and confirmed. Another aspect that makes this an elusive diagnosis is the fact the periodicity of the worms,(the females usually emerge from the body at night), unless the doctor suspects the condition and does a finger prick blood test, looking for specific antigens, venous blood drawn during the day won't show the immunoglobulin levels that would confirm their presence in the body. This type of worm is usually found in the tropics and subtropic regions of the planet. However, there is a known presence in the Southern US and Mexico. Due to the migration of Monarch butterflies, for example, the mosquito that carries this worm may have made it's way further North than is commonly seen merely by being swept along with the swarms of creatures making the journey.
I would suggest to the lady that she visit a new doctor and state she had filarial worms as a child and fears they have re-emerged. This will give the doc a nudge in the right direction and get the necessary and correct tests done. If it turns out to be a different worm, that will be seen, and if it isn't parasitic, but one of the ten, or so, "other" things with identical symptoms, those, too, will be clearly present in the results of the blood tests, and accurate treatment can begin.
I would also suggest minimizing the input regarding the suffering and the degree to which it has taken over her life. Steer the doc towards the suspected issue and address the associated problems AFTER you have the proof.
Mention the odor and general discomfort, but focus on the fact that you remember the episode of skin worms as a youngster being quite similar to what you're experiencing now and you were told they couldn't be cured back then, but that you've just remained asymptomatic after the treatment.
I hope you check this and can give this approach a try, and let us know the outcome, PLEASE.
As for the amateur shrink, don't make assumptions about the mental health or substance use of complete strangers. Unless you're prepared to pay the consequences for potentially harming someone significantly, both mentally AND physically, as it would have done in this case, if she'd taken that outright ABUSE to heart. Whether or not substance use is a factor, many people still have these and it has nothing to do with altered perception on any level. Often, the substances just enhance the detection of the worms because the senses are heightened or obsessive attention to anomalies can take place while under the influence of some drugs. Unfortunately, those patients may never get treatment. If they are labeled druggies, every complaint will be logged under some manifestation of that.
Humans only see a tiny fraction of the world around us, our visible light spectrum is frighteningly limited, so just because we can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there.
Why don't you look THAT up and watch something about THAT!?

Hope this helps the many I know are suffering this from having researched it for the last 18 months. I have completed my third year of medical school, and what I've discovered about this has changed the direction I want to take on my specialty training. I had no idea how widespread the problem with parasites is, and they're not teaching us a great deal about it. This was my own endeavour because I am interested in emerging diseases. It is underrepresented and will definitely be something that will be on the horizon in epidemic proportions if we don't get the problem in hand soon.

May 28, 2018
Stop, get help! NEW
by: X addict

Stop smoking crack! See a licensed dermatologist, see a Psychiatrist, watch the movie Bugged for more reasons to stop smoking crack, doing drugs, and hallucinations will end.

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