Worm Like Parasites

by Joan

My husband is in the Philippines and he just called me a few hours ago telling me that some worm like parasites burrowed in his skin, on his legs and his arm.

He was in the mountains at the time with some locals, and the locals told him to light his lighter to where the worm was and it instantly went out.

According to the locals it would go inside the skin and feed on blood and leave when it's full but it would leave a big hole in your skin.

I would like to know if anyone has any idea as to what this worm-like parasite is and if it has left any unwanted visitors in his skin... or what to put on it to clean it...

Hi Joan,

I'm not familiar with the various worm like parasites in the Philippines. It almost sounds like leeches, doesn't it?

Even though I don't know what parasite this might be, I wanted to post your question live here on the site in case some of our visitors from the Philippines happen upon your question and can fill us in with their own experience.

Having said that, if your husband could get his hands on some hydrogen peroxide, that would be helpful in cleansing the affected areas.

Alternatively, another good option would be some tea tree oil, coriander oil, lavender oil, clove oil, or one of the other essential oils that have anti-parasitic and antibacterial properties.

I hope he is not having any lingering side effects from his encounter with these burrowing bugs. If he does have problems once he gets home, get him to do a cleanse with Herbal Fiberblend and that should sort him out.


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Feb 24, 2015
omg I figured it out NEW
by: mary

I know what we all have ...its a flea ..there are many diff kinds of fleas and the stick flea or sand flea borrows under skin.in one of the stages of development it looks like a tiny worm.the eggs are stcky and collect lint,debri.etc they are hard to kill that's why the lint on our clothes bites us,they hatch in lint and certain temps our bodys are warm so think about it. Ow this flea comes from over seas .what is the one biggest thing we all have in common that would link us all catching this together?department stores.yes I belive they are coming over in boxes,clothes,products,etc..I got infested after taking a box home wuth my layway in it from walmart.the box had gifts in it.I pu it in my closet.now I know why when I put my clothes on thata when it all started.my clothes were in my closet with the box..this flea starts off wwhite ,then worm like ,then flea its the size of a period dark in color.also these don't jump like other fleas they mostly run.the flea is under your skin and can stay dormint for over a year.this is why we have it so long.you can see raised moles on your skin that is the flea.it has to be cut out and removed.only the females borrow to lay eggs the males borrow only to mate.this is it people this is what we have.ita not chemicals,gov,etc its a freaking flea and tbey are spreading fast.

Nov 11, 2012
bug NEW
by: Marc

I think i know what they are... They are bugs and parasites by the name of (botfly).

ok to remove it you can see lots of videos over the internet if you look closely where the affected area is they put patches,plastic,glue, etc... to cover the bugs air so it comes out to breath... to remove it use a tweezer and gently pull it ...

If this is the bug inform a doctor right away....

Hope this helps

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