by Janelle Zehr
(Murfreesboro TN)

This worm was found living inside a live bunny. We removed it easily. It had bored into her with just a little bit that stuck out only when it moved.

She has a large sore between the size of a quarter and a nickel. The worm is screw like in appearance, about 15 mm in length and about 3-5 mm in width. The color is medium brown with darker brown in the screw area.

I am trying to identify this worm.

Hi Janelle,

Sorry I don't know what this worm/larvae may be, but maybe someone else will recognize your description.

Have you thought about checking with your local vet? Since you found the worm in your rabbit, it may be something known in your region to attach itself to animals.

Let us know if you found out something specific.

Kind regards,

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Jun 20, 2011
Women from simi valley ca black worm in cheek
by: Anonymous

I might be able to point you in the right direction Iv been to 5 diffrent er's not on place could help me someone from jonhshopkins bayveiw in Baltimore sent me in the right direction go to infecuse daseases or the health dept. In you erea don't let anyone tell you there isent one in you town or close to you because there is on if you need forther help or someone just to talk to becuase you feel alone because so did I your problem rilley tuched my heart please feel free to call 1-443-248-0127 I don't have my own e-mail address my name is Tonya

Jan 04, 2011
Worms in X-rays
by: Angie

I'm sorry. I really don't think you'll be able to see any worms in x-rays. I realize you are feeling discouraged and hopeless over this.

Have you checked around in your area for a alternative doctor who deals in natural and holistic healing? They are often much more open to investigating unusual symptoms and conditions and may be able to offer you some support and solutions.

Jan 03, 2011
Keep fighting
by: MK

I feel so bad for you. My son is going through much of the same thing. I have seen it all and it is unbelievable. He is in so much pain and cannot find anything to help him. Don't stop searching for help. God bless you and help you. mk

Nov 07, 2010
Skin Worms
by: Anonymous

About a year ago I suddenly broke out in sores on my face (very painful) it was originally thought to be Empitigo but after sebding in some samples it was not a virus nor bacteria! it took a few months to go deeper insider yet still noticeable! I just wanted to say I live in Simi Valley CA, I have had the "Black worm-like" thing infect my foot entering through a cut between my toes, it was disapated within 24hrs so I couldn't get any help. I also have photos and videos of all the parasites I am mentioning! Then I noticed a cacoon like thing inside my left nostril I found it by taking a photo , then I noticed a few days later on the same left nostril was a red glob of skin with white things comming out and that same "worm-like" thing on top it was partially translucent, now a year later I have photo's of my head and I am terrified of what I see, then the original parasite is still under my skin on my chin, no doctors will even look at my photos or videos and now my septum had devieated extreemly to the left and swells blocking any air in or out and that "worm-thing" has it's self partially in the hole to my tubintes on the opposite side and it swells as well blocking air on that side! I am photographing large worm-like things emerging and then submerging from my scalp! Even my dog won't come near me! I need help as one actually burrowed 4 pencil sized holes into my cheek I could barely phograph it but it looks like a large sperm-like worm-like thing and it moves very fast! I just wanted to get this out there cus I thought I was the only one ! I know I soun insaine but one ENT Doc did see the flesh colored one and assumed it was just a part of my ala! I must keep trying I don't want to die this way!P.S will a worm show up in an x-ray?

Aug 23, 2010
by: Anonymous

They are warbels

Jul 28, 2010
barn kitten and white worms
by: Anonymous

white worm under skin of all of our barn kittens/ one died had the bump between its eyes. think it went to its brain. anyway we popped the worm out of each site then washed and disinfected each site on all the other kittens. the mama didnt have them. Hope the other animals do not get these , taking it to the local vet, and will spread the news with you guys

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