Worried Pet Lover

by Tess
(United States of America)

Please help this worried pet lover!

Today when I was petting my best friend/dog, Jessie, I found a small, oval shaped, fast moving bug.

It looked somewhat like a tick but I don't think ticks can move that fast.

I would like some info ASAP so I can find out what it is and get rid of it.

Thank You so much!

Hi Tess,

What size was this small, oval shaped, fast moving bug? Do you know what a flea looks like?

Dogs are notorious for getting fleas, and boy can those fleas move fast! :~)

If you think fleas might be the answer, you can get flea medication for the dog, like Advantage For Dogs or Advantix for Dogs. They should have it at your local Walmart or pet store.

Basically it's a little tiny tube of liquid that you squirt on the back of the dog once per month to keep the fleas away.

Some of us don't like to use these types of chemicals on our pets/best friends, so here are a list of some natural remedies that you can use to get and keep your pet flea free. Here's an article regarding infestation of fleas and lice with all the suggestions I'm referring to.

Hope this helps you and Jesse and puts your worried pet lover mind at ease. :~)

Kind regards,

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