Yeast Type Acne

by KTA

What can be done about "yeast-type" acne?

My daughter started on this herbal treatment and now has a yeast-like acne. Up until now she has had crystal clear skin.


Acne can be the result of yeast overgrowth and it can also be the result of too many toxins built up in the body (particularly the liver).

The sudden appearance of this "yeast type" acne after beginning an herbal treatment may be her body's attempt to get rid of the excess toxins in her system.

What type of herbal treatment is she using and for what purpose?

Of course, there is always the chance that she is reacting to a particular herb as well, so that needs to be considered if the acne doesn't begin to clear up after several weeks.

If the herbal treatment is a cleansing formula for yeast overgrowth, for example, there would be a time of yeast die-off. When the body is trying to eliminate the dead and dying Candida overgrowth it sometimes has to send the excess toxins to the skin for elimination if the organs can't keep up, hence the acne.

This acne should only be a temporary concern. As the body gets back into balance and the yeast/toxins are eliminated, her skin should clear back up again.

She can help herself to get through the process more quickly by eliminating sugar and processed foods from her diet for a few weeks.

She can also benefit by taking supplemental probiotics, like Florafood, and nutritional support and immune system boosters like the Garden Trio.

To her good health!

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reply to yeast type acne
by: Anonymous

She is taking HFB, Barley Life and AIMega caps. The acne began shortly after starting these.

Acne from Cleansing
by: Angie

In that case, it is quite likely that the acne is a result of the cleansing process. How long has she been using the HFB? Is she experiencing any other cleansing symptoms?

Be sure she takes probiotics, too, particularly if she is cleansing to get Candida under control.

yeast type acne
by: Anonymous

She's been taking these for chronice severe constipation. She has not other symptoms. I do not want to add any other supplements at this time....just wondering if they could CAUSE the acne. It's getting worse.
The constipation is better but now she has acne.

Causing the Acne
by: Angie

I'm glad to hear that it has been helping the constipation. Again, it's possible and quite likely that the acne is a result of the cleansing process and will pass as her body gets back into balance.

Apart from the acne being a detox symptom, I can't imagine that the acne would actually be caused by the AIMega or the BarleyLife.

As I mentioned earlier, she could possibly have a sensitivity to one of the herbs in the HFB, but I'd think it is most likely the result of the cleansing and detoxification process.

Try to encourage her to drink more water each day and hang in there through the cleansing process. If that's the underlying cause, it will pass in a few weeks.

If you have any raw apple cider vinegar (like Bragg's), she may want to use it to swab the affected skin area to encourage quicker healing.

Keep me posted.

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