Your Herbs And Supplements Really Worked

by Carla C.

Thank you so much! Your herbs and supplements really worked for me.

Angie: This note is in answer to your email in which you have (thoughtfully) inquired about my health problem that lead me to your website. Through your website, I was able to find the products & your suggestions which might be helpful in treating my condition.

I am extremely grateful for your shared knowledge, and your well-researched topics and suggestions.

My Story:

Firstly, I am a health professional, holding two college degrees (I mention this merely to make a point). I have worked as an R.N. for 25 years, as well as doing medical research.

In August, 201l, following a hot shower in a heated bathroom, I began noting these long, thin, thread-like white fibers pouring out of the skin on my face. After a couple of months, the fibers began also coming out of my arms, as well. In later months (before finding Angie's website),the parasites infested my entire body.

I contacted my primary physician who was "stumped". He examined me, and removed several of these organisms. He told me that this was "just the tip of the iceberg", and added that he didn't know how I had lived with this.

With my visit to his office, I brought my research notes for him to read. In these notes, I had included the various medications used to kill parasites. He prescribed one of these medications.

The medication that he prescribed, (Vermox), did, in fact, cause gastrointestinal removal as evidenced by the white "things" in my stools. Unfortunately, when I took these stool samples to a lab for testing, the results came back negative for parasites (I've learned that this is a common occurrence due to the fact that there is such a large percentage of parasites that have not been identified, and also because the average laboratory technician has no formal training in, and very little experience, with dealing with parasites and their stages of growth). This lack of experience in dealing with parasites holds true for most physicians, as well.

Of course, this provided "proof" that I was crazy. ;(

Unfortunately, the Vermox hardly "made a dent" in ridding my body of this huge infestation. So, I visited MANY physicians, including those who worked in Infectious Disease offices, and Dermatology clinics.

I brought in carefully collected samples, as well as iphone videos and photos. To my amazement, these physicians seemed to have no interest in samples or photos. To my SHOCK, when I would practically beg them to put gloves on and actually examine my skin where there were obvious open infestations, they would not do so. Instead, the doctors would nod "knowingly", and diagnose me as Delusional, stating that I was responsible for harming myself and causing the sores on my skin.

Their attitudes would make me feel embarrassed for I thought that they must think me stupid if I actually intentionally caused myself these painful and ugly, ugly sores! They did not answer my questions when I would ask them what they believed the white "things" were that were in these sores. I could NOT understand why they would not answer my questions!

My brothers and stepdad believed them. This was the proverbial straw that broke me. Well, not quite.

My ex-husband (who DID examine and believe me) and I had been together for 18 years. We divorced, but became best friends, so had a 31 year relationship. He moved to the country, but we texted and/or called each other daily, and visited when we could-we were extremely close.

One evening I received a phone call in which I learned that he had been killed in an auto accident. So now, I was exhausted, couldn't work, believed to be delusional by family and the medical community, and absolutely devastated over losing my best friend. Due to my weakened state, my grief was overwhelming.

Then, on December 21st, two Highway Patrolmen came to my door with a judge-signed decree to commit me to a mental health center (per my brothers because they believed me to be delusional).

Jim's memorial/funeral had been three days prior to this. I was handcuffed, taken to jail, and locked in a cell in handcuffs for two hours while a transport was being located to take me to the mental health center that was 30 miles away.

I was then shackled, chained, and placed in the back of a police car, for my transport to the mental health center, into which I had to walk with shackles and chains.

I had to stay there (involuntarily) through Christmas, for eight days, until my release on December 28, 2011.

I have no words to explain my mental (not to even mention my physical) state.

When I got home, I
began doing research about parasites, and found your website, Angie. I ordered the products which you suggested for my particular problem. I have been taking them since then.

My symptoms are those associated with Morgellons Disease, and my skin has the long, thin, white fibers. Your suggested herbs result in the organisms being expelled in my stools and skin. My gratitude is beyond expression.

With my research, I've explored and through trial and error, found effective help in addition to the AIMs herbs.

Firstly, I use all AIMs products:

Herbal Fiberblend, Bear Claw Garlic, Proancynol 2000, LeafGreens, Para-90, Herbal Release, probiotics (Florafood), and Redibeets Powder.

Additionally, for the past week, I have found to be VERY effective the consumption of 4 raw garlic cloves per day. I've also learned through my research to apply Diatomacious Earth (DE) (FOOD GRADE)to my skin to kill any parasites on my skin that haven't been in contact with or killed by the garlic.

I chop the garlic cloves up and put them on either peanut butter and bread, or toast with jelly (the sugar/starch helps calm the burning sensation of the garlic).

I'm at least able to be somewhat active although I still haven't been able to return to work. I am so very grateful to you, as well as my mother and stepdad (who have now seen these white fibers), and my primary physician. Although my physician doesn't know how to treat Morgellons, he tries to help treat my symptoms (itching, anxiety, and pain). He has written down the names of the AIMs herbal products that I take - he has another patient that comes to him with the same disease.

I only share this LONG story in thinking that there may be someone who has been through a similar experience. I want them to know that they are NOT delusional, and that there are products that will help them.

It's a true horror that there can be such a great number of people who try to convince one that they are "crazy" - and unfortunately be successful in achieving this, at times. It is because of Angie's informational website that I began to regain my confidence...and health.

The only thing that I can think of to say is a resounding THANK YOU, ANGIE.

Dear Carla,

I can't adequately express how moved I was by your email in so many different ways. I was truly in tears reading your story. It is completely heartbreaking that you have gone through so much and had so little support along the way.

I can hardly fathom the horribly bereft feelings you must have experienced after losing someone so close to you in an accident and then to have your grief compounded by being locked up. You must be such an incredibly strong person to come through that and continue to fight for your health and independence.

I don't know if you have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, but He's a big part of my life and is the only way that I can go through life's difficulties and come out the better for them.

I rejoice to hear that your mother and step father are now understanding and supportive and also that your primary physician seems to be a man of care and compassion. So many of our readers don't even have that, which is NOT RIGHT.

Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement to me. It means so very much to know that my website has been of some help to you. It makes all the effort worthwhile to hear a story like yours.

I'm glad to hear that you are getting some improvement through using the AIM products and also to get the other tips from you about the raw garlic and the DE.

How is that sore in your lip that you told me about back in December? Did it clear up and heal properly for you? I sure hope so.

By the way you wrote your letter, it sounded like you were expecting me to post it on the website so that others could be helped and encouraged by it. I didn't use your full name in order to preserve your privacy. I hope you don't mind.

I'm sure others can truly benefit by reading your experience and understanding that you are a medical professional yourself and still have been treated in a similar way to them. Perhaps they will be willing to follow some of your suggestions for improvement, too.

I am determined to pray for you even more than I have been in the past now that I know even more about your situation. Please do keep me updated from time to time.

Angie Berg

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Jun 27, 2022
Morgs NEW
by: FiberGuyAHHHH

Hello, I have this thing also. I am a cocaine user so I thought it was formication.But I really didnt I neevr been for help.Well I did get meds for worms.Albendazole.I also bought some Ivermectin horse paste on Amazon ity wiped out alot.But it tasted like sheeit Wilberrr. But nope I have spent over 3000 dollars. What I have found that will help is I cover my body in calamine it gets hard and traps them all.I also use a lot of band ades it helps. Doxycycline can work try it. Albendazole no luck permethrin lotion does help .A lady runs a great site .I read Lysol complete kills them all.Oh Garlic yes it helps. Cinnamon Is the best they say Cinnamon Pills and essential oils for your skin fiber cant move in oils.I think it is a worm and also an insect and may even take over other insects .I have been chased down by arthropods. I have photos that would make you get the heebie jeebies. Go on facebook join the Morgellons room. Oh Bobbie D runs this site and it wioll help yopu.You are not crazy.Dont let it beat you do what I do and try I know lol but try to not think about it ignore it the best you can I find it really just effects me when I am in my bedroom.Go here Also colleges are study8ing this it is 1000% real

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