Zinc For Cold Sore Or Fever Blisters

by Jesse

Try using zinc for cold sores or fever blisters.

This works for me.. You can get zinc oxide at the drug store. It is dirt cheap and is used for baby rashes..

Put the zinc cream directly on your break out. It will over night reverse it..

Also eat oysters, they are loaded with zinc, B12 and other important properties..

Hi Jesse,

Thanks for adding your tips on treating cold sores and fever blisters with zinc. It's a great suggestion and one I plan to try the next time I get a cold sore break out.

I was well aware of the benefits of taking zinc supplements, but strangely enough, it never dawned on me to try applying the zinc cream directly to a budding cold sore. I don't know why I didn't think of it, but I'm glad that you did and that you took the time to bring it to our attention.

Has anyone else had success using zinc oxide on their cold sore or fever blister? Did you try it and find it didn't do the job? Either way, let us know.

I'm a believer in collective wisdom in spite of the fact that I know that not every remedy works for every person. It's always a good idea to have plenty of natural options to consider and work with when trying to deal with various health issues.

I much prefer a natural and safe option when they are available. Sometimes natural remedies take a little longer to take effect, but the benefits of bypassing negative side effects outweigh the little extra time needed to achieve results.

Thanks again!

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