1 Year Old Constipation

by Alexandra
(London, Ontario, Canada)

My boyfriend's one year old recently suffered from a feberal seizure due to a sore throat.

The doctors prescribed him Baby Tylenol and/or Baby Advil. He no longer has a fever or the symptoms of his sore throat but is extremely cranky and is "scrunching" up his toes, sounding like he's trying to poop. His stomach is also quite hard.

So I'm wondering 3 things. Could this be constipation and if it is, what are home remedies to get rid of it. And also if it is the Tylenol or Advil that has caused it.

Thanks So Much!

Hi Alexandra,

I'm sure that must have been a scary experience for you and your boyfriend having the little fellow feeling so sick. I'm glad that he is doing better now.

Yes, it is quite likely that the Tylenol brought on the constipation, but it could also be that he wasn't getting enough fluids while he had the sore throat, etc. Lack of water can dry up the stool in the intestines and make it difficult to pass.

Obviously, that means more water is the first step in any home remedy for 1 year old constipation.

Here are some easy Toddler Constipation Remedies that you can try to find which one works best for your little guy.

Kind regards,

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