Toddler Constipation
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toddler constipation

Toddler constipation can be tough to deal with. No one likes to see their little one in pain.

There are some simple steps to try that will give you and your constipated toddler much needed relief.

You probably already know that there are certain foods that do tend to cause constipation.

Bananas, rice, refined and processed foods, white bread products, meats, dairy, ice cream, and cheese are some of the worst culprits.

Snacks and chips also contribute to the problem, so as a Mom, you really need to take note of what your child is eating.

Try some of the "good" foods that help in getting the bowels moving. Those would be foods like other fresh fruits and vegetables.

Some of the best to choose are apples, pears, peas, broccoli, and beans. Also, nuts, seeds and whole grain foods are beneficial because of the fiber. Our intestines really need a good dose of fiber each day to function properly.

It's a lot easier to eliminate the problem of constipation in toddlers if you eliminate the causes, of course.

One of the other major causes of toddler constipation is not enough water. I know it can be difficult to get your child to drink "plain" water, but fluids are important to prevent dehydration in the bowel. If there isn't enough fluid, the waste gets dryer and is that much more difficult to pass. That's no fun for you or your toddler.

Try mixing a little fresh squeezed orange juice with the water to help make it a bit more tasty and also aid in loosing the bowels.

If you suspect your child is suffering from constipation, some of the most common symptoms are...

  • pain and discomfort when trying to go
  • hard, tight abdomen
  • pellet like stool

Once a child starts experiencing pain when having a bowel movement, quite often they do whatever they can to avoid repeating the experience by "holding it." You need to try to reverse this habit of toddler constipation by insisting the child sit on the toilet for about 10 minutes or so after each meal. Be sure that their feet are positioned flat on the floor or a stool as needed to give the best possible posture for ease in eliminating.

You can make this a less stressful time than it might otherwise become by making it a very special story time. Put the dishes on hold and allow the child to choose their favorite book (even if you have to read it 3 times a day for the next several weeks!). :-)

Reading a favorite story will help the child to relax his bowel muscles and allow for a better chance of ease in bowel movement.

A warm bath and a gentle tummy massage can also be very helpful in relieving the discomfort that goes along with toddler constipation.

Natural Toddler Constipation Remedies

If those simple remedies don't work for your and your toddler and your little one is still finding it difficult to pass his BM, you may need to add some natural supplementation to your daily routine for a while.

Please do avoid using suppositories and enemas on toddlers if at all possible. In some cases they may give temporary relief, but they really aren't a very good option and won't "fix" the internal cause of the constipation.

A natural alternative for toddler constipation is always better, in my opinion. Here's a list of some of the best choices available.

  • Prune juice is an old stand-by, of course. A little prune juice or whole prunes may be all your toddler needs to get things moving again. It's certainly an easy and natural remedy that may do the trick.

  • Aloe vera is wonderful for the bowels (and many other things). It's soothing and healing, but it also makes your bowel motion much softer. If you give your toddler about 1/4 cup of Aloe juice each morning, they should be helped fairly quickly.

  • Flaxseed, Salba grain, and Chia Seeds are also good options when it comes to dealing with constipation. The good oils that are in these whole grains are extremely good for you and are a healthy option as a toddler constipation remedy.

    Just sprinkle a teaspoon on your toddler's breakfast cereal, mix it with some applesauce or yogurt, or whatever your child loves to eat. The grains are virtually tasteless, so your little one shouldn't object at all.

  • If you really struggle getting your little one to eat enough of the right foods that are high in fiber, I understand. Bad habits are hard to break. It's better to start them out right in the first place and not let them get addicted to junk. If it's too late in your case, you may have to work on a gradual change in diet.

    In the meantime, add additional fiber by using supplementation. For minor bouts of constipation in toddlers, try mixing a little psyllium fiber in juice. It's not unpleasant tasting and will help bulk up the fiber intake for the intestines to pass waste more gently and easily.

    If you want something that is super-duper for not only added fiber but contains a whole range of healthy cleansing and healing herbs, you won't find anything better than Herbal Fiberblend. I use HFB myself, and it works like a charm.

    The only bad thing about Herbal Fiberblend is the taste. The herbs give it a very strong and distinctive taste. I usually mix mine with grape juice, but you may have to disguise it in mashed banana or applesauce to use it as a toddler constipation remedy.

Remember this
- Although we all basically function the same way, our bodies are still uniquely different. What works for my child may not work for your child.

You really need to try constipation remedies one at a time until you find what works best for you and your family.

Don't despair. And when you find the secret formula for you, do take a few minutes to share it with the other moms and dads who visit this site looking for answers. Use the simple form below to add your input and experience.

To your good health!

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Maybe you have an experience of your own to share that will encourage and help others find relief from constipation. Please take a couple of minutes to tell us about it.

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