What else is there to do for constipation?

by Alica

What else is there to do for constipation?

Sorry this is going to be a book:

My daughter had constipation when she was switched to formula at 4 months old. At the time a little lactulose and she was fine.

Since, I learned to give her a lot of fiber in her diet and she's been very regular, until a few months ago when she turn 20 months.

She's been without bm for up to 7 days. Took her to the doctor and has been giving her lactulose every day. On top of that I'm also giving her non-diluted prune juice, flaxseed in her yogurt and cereal, and a lot of grapes and apples. Still she hasn't had a bm for day #8 now.

She's been very irritable and doesn't sleep very well. She also had a very low fever for a day.

Took her to urgent care the doctor didn't do anything and told me he shouldn't even see my daughter and she should go back to her regular doctor.

He didn't want to do anything to help her relieve her stomach pressure/pain. He said there's nothing he can do.

Now since it's the weekend, I can't call her doc until Monday and she probably won't get seen until Wednesday. By then it will be day #12.

Do you parents out there have any suggestions for me to help my little person? Any suggestion or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Dear Alica,

So sorry to hear about your little darling and her constipation problems.

For immediate relief, you may want to try getting her to soak in a warm bath and then massage her tummy and cycle her legs some to try to encourage movement of the waste through her bowels.

It's good that you have learned to give her more fiber in her diet. That's always good. You need to also make sure she is drinking plenty of water. It can be hard to get little ones to drink water because they'd rather have juice or milk, but it definitely makes a difference.

Also, flaxseed is good, but if it is not doing the job any longer, perhaps you can locate some chia seeds in your area and try mixing a tablespoon in her food each day. Chia is tasteless, so she shouldn't object.

I hope one of these suggestions work or perhaps another mom will be able to add some others.


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