Child Constipation

by Maria Rodriguez
(Hoboken, NJ USA)

My daughter is 3 years old. She has child constipation problems. I took her to the doctor and he said to give her more fiber.

What I worry is on top of this, her stool is so large in width, almost like an adult's. Is this normal?

Hi Maria,

Constipation in toddlers is always hard to deal with because you don't like to see your child in pain.

The doctor is correct in suggesting that your daughter probably needs more fiber, but she really needs to drink more water, too.

There are a number of different things that cause constipation. Not drinking enough water is one of the most common.

If you don't have a good water filter at home, you may want to consider getting one from Aquasana. Many people don't realize the importance of drinking 'good quality' water rather than regular tap or bottled water.

For most constipation concerns, I recommend Herbal Fiberblend because it contains the cleansing herbs, too. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the best taste, so it can be difficult to get toddlers to eat or drink anything with HFB in it.

If that would be a problem for you and your little one, then I would recommend Salba Grain. It's a whole food that is virtually tasteless, but full of good Omega oils that encourage healthy bowel function.

As far as the size of the bowel motion, it truly is amazing how large they can be, even in children. The size should get smaller when your little girl starts going regularly again. I wouldn't be overly concerned about the size of the stool as much as the regularity and ease of going.

I hope that helps both you and her with the child constipation problem.


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