Toddler Always Struggles To Poo

by Lisa

It seems my toddler always struggles to poo. He is 2 years old.

We give him lactulose 2 x 5ml in the morning and the same at night. At first this worked but, then it stops and he is back to really straining and his poo is really hard.

His bum gets really sore and he is now really embarrassed about going and hides.

I have got some powder medicine for chronic constipation which eventually works and he seems to have big messy poos.

I have tried to cut back on dairy. I have cut out white breads, rice, cereal and give him wholemeal pasta and bread instead. He eats a lot of raisins and grapes, etc.

He also drinks only water so I can't think of what else to try.

My GP always says drink more water, etc., but he does. Advice is much appreciated.

Hi Lisa,

It is a difficult situation when your toddler always struggles to poo. It makes them more reluctant to go, just as you have discovered. Who can blame them?

Yes, water is definitely important, but if that alone is not working, you certainly want to try other natural alternatives. You definitely don't want your son to end up dependent on laxatives in order to have a bowel movement.

What I usually suggest to mothers of young children is to try the Salba grain first because it is so easy to incorporate into the daily diet.

It doesn't have a bad taste at all, so children don't object to eating it. Just sprinkle a tablespoon or so into his breakfast food or yogurt and see if it makes a difference.

Salba is a variety of the chia seed/grain and is rich in essential fatty acids that are very effective in keeping the bowels functioning naturally without strain and struggle.

You can try chia instead of the Salba if you prefer, but I have the most familiarity and seen the most success with the Salba.

Salba is safe to use daily over an indefinite period because it is simply a whole food grain and does not cause the muscles that control bowel function to become dependent upon them like a laxative.

I hope this helps. Do let me know! If you use it for a week and find no change, I can make another suggestion, but I think you'll find this one to be the best option.


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