Toddler Battling To Poop

by Kathy
(South Africa)

I need help with my toddler battling to poop. My little girl goes for a week at a time without pooping. I've tried laxatte (syrupy liquid)- but it didn't work for 2 days in a row.

Eventually last nite tried half glycerine suppository. But the poor child screamed for nearly an hour before she managed to poo.

She is 20 months old. The poo is very large and compacted. I was so upset by the discomfort she had from suppository I feel this is not the best way.

She is still on breast milk and eats very little food, although loves wheaty biscuits, cheese, and pasta, peas, corn.

She drinks herbal rooibos tea, water and some juice but I don't think enough. I'm thinking should I go see a DR?

Hi Kathy,

With your toddler battling to poop, it can be very upsetting. I know you hate to see her crying in pain.

Seeing a doctor is not a bad idea if this problem persists, but you should be able to help her get rid of the constipation unless she has some underlying digestive problem that you are unaware of. That probably isn't the case if she is only now having bowel trouble since she started on these foods you mentioned.

Most breast fed babies don't have constipation problems, so I'm guessing your toddler is having trouble going because of the additional foods she is eating.

The cheese, pasta, and wheaty biscuits are probably the most likely problems. Peas are actually helpful in eliminating constipation, so they are probably fine.

Try to stick with fruits and vegetables when giving your baby solid foods. Also, make an effort to get her to drink more water. The water will help to keep the stool from getting dry and hard. You can add a little freshly squeezed orange juice to the water to help her drink it if necessary.

I don't recommend suppositories. Even if you can get them to work for you, they are not dealing with the cause of the problem, which is really what you want to try to fix.

There are some additional suggestions for dealing with toddler constipation naturally if you feel the need to try something else.

I do think that if you increase her water and cut out those processed foods you will see results. Please let me know if you have further questions and also let me know if you get it sorted out and what worked best for you in the end.


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