My 4 Year Old Stays Constipated

by Terra

Why does my 4 year old stays constipated every week? And what can I do to change it.

My son won't push out his poop cause it hurts him. It's like a regular thing for us. Every Saturday he has problems and can't get it out.

So I'll give him pear juice and it will help a little it makes the outer part runny and the inside still hard and by the end of the day he cant hardly walk cause he complains about his tail hole hurting.

I took him to his doctor and she said he was fine but I think there is something wrong. He eats fruit and I try to get him to eat veggies but he won't.

Hi Terra,

It definitely is NOT normal for your little boy to have a bowel movement only once per week and it shouldn't be painful, so he is not "fine."

One thing you should try to do is get him to drink more water. Repeatedly throughout the day, offer him a drink of water. Even if he only drinks a few swallows each time, it will add up and help to hydrate his bowels and make his stool softer and less painful to pass.

The second thing I would recommend is that you get yourself some Salba Grain and sprinkle a tablespoon in his food every day. It has no taste so you can just add it to his cereal or some yogurt or whatever he is eating. It doesn't matter, just get him to eat it.

Salba is a whole food and it is full of essential fatty acids that will also make it so much easier for him to go to the bathroom easily.

The longer he continues to have pain when going to the bathroom, the more he will try to avoid going so he won't have the pain. This will develop a very bad habit for him and will lead to long term digestive health issues.

Try the water and the Salba grain (daily) and let me know if that does the job. There are some other suggestions I can make if that doesn't work for you.


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