Pellet Poop

by Ashley S

My 4 year old son has always had pellet poop.

He has never had a problem with it until recently. I always thought it was normal. But from reading a few pages on this site I am sure he doesn't get enough fiber in his diet.

He went to the bathroom Sunday morning and not again till today (Wednesday morning). Also Sunday and Monday he cried in pain that his stomach hurt and had vomiting not sure if that is common with constipation.

I bought prune juice which he doesn't like but I did get him to drink some. Now he is sleeping all day and not really eating.

Is this common?? Should I take him to the hospital??

He doesn't have a fever or any other symptoms that would make you think he is sick.

I want to see if anyone thinks, from the home remedies alone will his poop change from pellets to a better bowel movement.

Thank you for any advice you have.
Ashley S.

Hi Ashley,

Pellet poop is rather common, but not necessarily "normal." :) Lack of fiber could certainly be the contributing cause, but not enough water can also do the same thing.

I would certainly think that you should be able to use natural remedies to improve your son's bowel movements without much difficulty. There are only rare cases when there are serious bowel issues that need to be dealt with by medical means.

I can't tell you whether or not you should take your son to
the doctor or not, of course. That has to be your own judgment call.

It sounds to me like your son could have picked up a "bug" which is causing him to have greater digestive discomfort, but it could just as easily be the result of the constipation and toxins built up in his system from failing to process his waste quickly enough.

I would suggest increasing his water intake immediately - even if you can only get him to take a sip of water ever 15 minutes or so. It will add up.

Also, I would strongly suggest that you get some Salba grain and make it a habit to sprinkle a teaspoon on/in your son's food each day. My niece uses this with her little boy and it's worked brilliantly for her.

One of the big blessings of Salba is that it's tasteless, so it's really easy to get the kids to eat it. You can sprinkle it on cereal, mix in yogurt, or mix it with almost anything.

Salba is just a natural seed grain that is full of essential fatty acids (Omega oils) that are very helpful in eliminating constipation and supporting digestive health. It's a whole food and good for you regardless, so you really can't lose. :-)

If you start giving him a little each day disguised in his food, that should do the trick for the poop pellets.

Let me know how it all works out for you and him.

Kindest regards,

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