Fear Of Sitting On Potty

by Annette
(Bangalore, India)

My Child has developed a fear of sitting on Potty Seat!

My child had developed this constipation problem from Aug 2009 and has till date. We have done several tests, medicines continuous, to make her poop softer, tries various methods to coax her, tried various diets. But it relapse again n again.

Now we have been advised to do a BARIUM ENEMA TEST, but as a parent I feel she only has this fear that if she poops, then its a problem n nothing else cos she knows when she wants to poop or pee.

Also she is aware that when her poop is coming n she locks herself n blocks it. She is now 2 yrs 7 months n we are really worried.

Hi Annette,

It is not uncommon for children to develop a fear of sitting on the potty when they have to have a bowel movement.

If they had a painful experience in the past, they do tend to try to hold it so they don't repeat the experience.

It takes patience and constant effort to help them to overcome this fear. Of course, doing all you can to keep the bowel movement soft is going to make your task much easier.

Water is very important. You need to be very conscious of trying to get plenty of water in your daughter each day. Offer small drinks over and over again throughout the day.

If you can't get her to drink the water plain, try squeezing a little orange juice into the water for a touch of "special" flavor.

I don't like the idea of her being on medication for constipation. You don't want her to become dependent on that in order to go to the bathroom properly.

Perhaps you can set a special time each day as "potty time" where she sits on the potty while you read her a favorite book. Be sure that her feet aren't dangling. If she's on a big potty, put a stool beneath her feet so that her legs are in a bent position to encourage bowel motion.

If you can get Salba Grain or chia seeds in your area, I would definitely get some and start sprinkling a tablespoon per day into one of her foods. Salba/chia is tasteless, so it can be easily mixed with cereal, yogurt, or any other food.

This provides essential fatty acids that help to keep the waste soft also.

I hope these tips will be helpful to you and that you will be able to implement some of them to help you and your little girl get peace and health and overcome her fear of sitting on potty.

To your good health!

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