Suppositories And Enemas On A Three Year Old

by Angie
(Nashville, TN)

Potty Training Without Suppositories And Enemas

Potty Training Without Suppositories And Enemas

Is it okay to be using suppositories and enemas on a three year old every day for two months?

A family member of mine is using some therapy she read about on the internet on her three year old daughter.

I don't know the name of this therapy, but she has told us that every night for two solid months she is supposed to use suppositories and enemas on her daughter to make her have a bowel movement.

She's doing this because at the day care center she wants her to attend, the children have to be able to wipe themselves after a bowel movement. So, by making her have a bowel movement at home she will not have a bowel movement at school. Her daughter has not been completely potty trained.

Any info you can share with me would be useful. I do not think this is a good idea and I am worried about the long term problems.


Dear Angie,

I share your concerns for this little girl and the long term affects of this "treatment" of using suppositories and enemas on a three year old that her mother is putting her through.

Does the child actually have constipation, or is this purely a method of regulating the timing of her bowel motions?

Either way, by giving the little girl suppositories every day, she is running the very great risk of making the child dependent upon them to have a bowel movement
in future! This is not a good solution at all.

Apart from the physical upset to the child's system, I'm also concerned about the emotional upset that she is probably enduring. At that age, you don't want to create a situation where she associates negative feelings and emotions with the simple act of moving her bowels.

Since she is not fully potty trained, this can also end up causing long term setbacks for her natural digestive and elimination process.

Why not encourage the mother to instead spend that time to fully potty train the little girl. If constipation is an issue, all she really needs to do is sprinkle some salba grain or chia seeds on her food each day and that should help eliminate any issues there. Making sure she drinks sufficient water each day will help also.

As for teaching her to wipe her bottom properly (which sounds like one of the main issues), suggest that she buy some flush-able wipes (the kind that comes in a small compact packet) for her to take to day care. It's a lot easier for them to wipe their bottom successfully with these than with dry toilet paper.

I really hope that you will be able to convince your relative to stop this practice of using suppositories and enemas on her three year old. I don't know who would suggest such a thing, but it sounds completely irresponsible to me.


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do not use sapositories or enimas on small child NEW
by: anonymous

Hello, I don't know how old your post is about your concern for the 3 year old receiving sapositories & enimas for training but want to urge her not to do it & share a stoey with w/you. A friend in their late 40's has severe psychological issues that are a direct result from his parents doing this. Worse, they did it up to 5 times a day & during the ages of 3 & 4. This was for the sole purpose of potty training. He has been permanently traumatized by this to say the least. He has been diagnosed w/hypersexuality, had passed girlfriends perform anal sexual acts while laying across their laps as this was how the enimas were done as a child by his mom. He also has a fetish for mom & son pornography tho he didn't see his mom in that way ever, it still left a permanent mark on him. So permanent anal fetish is safe to call it. He struggles every day w/this and other traumatic events in life. I hurt so bad for my friend and hate the thought of another child enduring such torture. Please tell her to stop. This horrible technique was what they did in the 1800's and earlier 1900's. Times have changed. Stop your friend from doing this, please. Thank you for reading.

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