Suffering With Chronic Constipation


My son is 7 years old and has been suffering with chronic constipation for the last 3-4 years.

After all the visits to big doctors, now doctor advises some diet changes & some test.

Everybody force me to give him bananas, especially my husband who believe in people instead of doctors. I don't know how to convince him.

So please suggest whether I give my son bananas or not. What other precautions should I take with my little one while making his food chart?


Hi Monica,

I'm sorry to hear that your little son has been suffering with chronic constipation for so long. I can certainly understand how upset you feel about it as you try to help him and don't feel like you are able to.

The question about bananas is an interesting one when it comes to constipation. For some people, bananas cause constipation. For other people, bananas help to get rid of constipation.

I also understand your husband's skepticism when it comes to doctors. They are much like bananas - sometimes they help and sometimes they don't! :)

Perhaps you can ask your husband if you can "try bananas" for a week. If it works for your son that will be good. If not, maybe he will agree to allow you to skip the bananas and try other dietary changes.

It's best to keep the peace in your household as much as possible, particularly when it involves following
your husband's suggestions.

When I say that the bananas may "work" I do not mean that they should give your son diarrhea. If he does get diarrhea from them, that is not "working" either. You want your son to achieve healthy and regular bowel movements that don't cause him pain.

Has the doctor encouraged you to give your son more water to drink? It is very important that you drink plenty of water to keep the waste hydrated and soft.

Also, do you have chia seeds available in Delhi? They are a tiny whole grain (usually black but can also be white in some cases) that is packed full of some good nutrition and essential fatty acids (Omega oils).

Chia has almost no taste and can easily sprinkled on or in just about any food. If you can locate some, try sprinkling a couple of spoonfuls onto your sons food each day. It is very easy to eat and you can't really even notice it.

This has helped many people suffering with chronic constipation and improved bowel health naturally and safely. I hope you can find it there.

Something else you should consider is giving him some probiotics each day - like acidophilus. If that is available, it should also aid in his digestion process.

Please let me know if you are able to try these suggestions and how they work for you and your son.

Kind regards,

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