Prune Juice For Constipation

by Mana

My 17 months old son sometimes has constipation.

How much apple prune juice for constipation should I give to my 17 months son? And for how many days?

Hi Mana,

Trying apple or prune juice for constipation is a good and simple way to try to deal with the problem of toddler constipation.

Apple juice will work for some children while prune juice works better for other children. Even a combination of the two, like you seem to suggest, could work well.

Since your son is quite young, I would start with only a tablespoon of juice at a time (maybe 2-3 times per day). You can mix the juice with a little water to dilute it if you prefer.

Be sure to use only juices that have no added sugars in them.

Continue the juice for 2-3 days to see if it will do the job. If the constipation is not relieved by then, I would suggest you try something else.

Not every natural remedy works for every child. Finding what works for your little boy may take a little trial and error on your part.

Remember to encourage him to drink more water throughout the day as that usually helps most people.


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