My Toddlers Constipation

by Tabetha
(Brownsville, TX)

I am a very nervous first time mom who is very annoyed with my toddlers constipation.

I like to think that I try hard to give him all the good foods. Now that he has options, he refuses the veggies and eats a lot of fruit but still has issues with his BMs.

I have no idea what else to do and I hate to see him in pain. Is this normal?

I nursed him for a year to prevent things like this. I thought children who have always had BM issues since they were born were pretty much prone to it.

I'm not sure what to do. I am very worried... I'm really just looking for natural remedies....and advice thanks.

Hi Tabetha,

I understand your worry and concern. I know you want what is best for your son and don't want him to have trouble with constipation.

I'm glad to hear that you are seeking natural remedies as they are always the best, in my opinion and will provide better long term results than medicines or chemical alternatives.

Of course, as I hope you read the full page on toddler constipation, you know you need to try to get him to drink more water. This can be difficult with children, but is extremely important.

Since he loves his fruit, try to only offer the fruits that tend to help with constipation rather than those that tend to cause constipation.

Also, even though he does not prefer veggies, you need to be a little firm with him and insist that he eat some of them. The fiber in green veggies in particular really aid in proper bowel function.

Something simple and natural that you may find very easy to incorporate into his diet is Salba Grain. My niece has found this to work wonders to get rid of the constipation problems her little boy was having.

Salba is a whole grain that is tasteless when sprinkled in another food like cereal or yogurt or some other favorite food. You really only need to give him about a tablespoon per day and I think you'll find that it does the trick.

Salba has the essential fatty acids that our bodies need on a daily basis and they or often all that is needed to promote healthy BM's.

I hope this helps your son. Do let us know.


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