How can constipation be helped?

by Hudha

How can constipation be helped?

My toddler is 4 yrs old. She has been having constipation problems for a long time as long as 2 years.

I have brought her to many doctors. They advise me to give her lots of fruits and vegetables but I really can't make her eat anything fibrous except apples, bananas and papaya. They work for a while and her system get used to it.

She don't really eat junk food. She goes toilet once in 3 days or 4 days. She would not scream, she would not tear. She goes as though there is no difficulty in passing motion. She is a normal active toddler.

I was giving her stool softeners (Lactulose). It worked for a while but her system got used to it and now she is back to her normal ways.

I really need some help in getting her to go normal. Plz advise.

Hello Hudha,

Because your little girl has been dealing with constipation for quite some time, it may take a little while to get her body to start eliminating daily again.

Be thankful that she doesn't have the usual painful constipation symptoms. Those are even harder to deal with because you feel helpless when your child is suffering.

How much water does your little girl drink each day? If she doesn't drink very much, increasing her water intake may be one of the best ways to help her improve her bowel functions.

Even if she doesn't want to drink a lot at once, you can encourage her to sip repeatedly throughout the day. This will add up and really help.

As far as increasing her fiber is concerned, you can try using whole food supplements, like Salba or chia seeds. These are beneficial in providing the good omega oils that our bodies need and usually help eliminate constipation. They have no real taste, so they can easily be blended in with other food for your toddler to eat.

If none of those solutions work for you, another option may be necessary to help her constipation. I'd give this a try first to see if you can help her start going more regularly.

To your good health!

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